A Humble Doctor

8:18 AM

A few days back, a screen capture of a surgeon bashing an MO from primary care on Facebook went viral. It even got the attention of the Health D-G. I won't paste the screen capture here as I am sure most of my fellow readers have already read it on Facebook or Whatsapp. Basically, it goes something like this (in no particular order);

"What la, KK MOs. Which hole did they come from?"

"It is worse teaching MOs from KK than HOs"

"These MOs are like cows"

But is this something new? Specialist (and even MOs) from each discipline will rubbish the other disciplines. Surgeons will say physicians only know how to order tests and gets nothing done, while the physicians will say surgeons only know how to potong. From my personal observation the top of the hierarchy always goes to the surgical based discipline while the bottom most are the doctors from primary care. Even the public has this mindset, doctors working in the hospitals are ALWAYS better than those in Klinik Kesihatan and primary care.

Having experienced both sides of the divide, I think those surgeons should have a go at life in Klinik Kesihatan. Yes, there are MOs who lenggang kaki and do nothing. They sit in their comfy chairs and order other junior MOs to see cases in Maternal and Child Health clinics and Outpatient departments. They see very minimal patients and sometimes don't even do physical examinations. But most of the other MOs do proper work. Unlike in the hospital setting, doctors in primary care see EVERYTHING under the sun. We refer to the specialist clinics whenever it is deemed necessary.

On top of that there is MCH. I had to tag 3 months to learn how to do transabdominal ultrasound (TAS) properly. You miss something and you might end up in a mortality meeting. You might even end up having to present at a mortality meeting when you have never seen the deceased in your life! For example, an Orang Asli lady died during labor at home in the pedalaman not too long ago. The deceased NEVER visited the clinic to get herself checked. The doctor at the clinic was hauled up because no one went out and searched for the deceased when she was pregnant.This is despite the clinic always being packed to the brim.

Then, there is the continuous health awareness programs as part of the key performance index. There is a specific number of individuals that should be screened for any non communicable diseases. If the KPI is not met, akan dapat surat cinta. Doctors at KKs are also required to give talks to the community and react to any outbreaks. The recent Dengue outbreak got most MOs in KKs going bananas.

Of course, no one sees all this. In their mind doctors in KK ONLY see cough and cold cases and a bit of diabetes and hypertension. They failed to realize that these doctors in primary care are doing their best to keep patients out of the hospital.


On another note, I think those surgeons are kacang lupakan kulit. How does any doctor become a specialist? Why are they good at what they do? They most likely forget that 


In order to practice they need to do the same things over and over again until they are good at what they do. Since medicine is such a large field of knowledge, can everyone become SPECIAL in EVERYTHING? I wouldn't want a surgeon to treat me if I have a heart attack. It's not because I hate them. It's because they are not trained to do that. They might know the basics of giving aspirin, plavix, morphine and adequate oxygen but try ask a surgeon to list ALL the contraindications of streptokinase and you might get a blank stare.

I had a colleague in Emergency Department (ED) who wanted to apply for an MO post in Radiology. He already had a year of service in ED with a good service record. The Head of Department then told him that he is not suitable. The HOD boasted that his other MOs are all from district hospitals and are of high value. The HOD even suggested him to get into Anaesthesiology and apply back to Radiology later. Apparently for that HOD, ED experience was no good. 

One day a group of Radiology MOs demanded that a patient go to ED first to get sedated even though it was a scheduled (by appointment) visit. There was no emergency at all. My colleague and I thought;

"You have oxygen ports at you CT scan room. You have a fully equipped emergency trolley as well. As you are walking to the ED, you are already holding the vials of medicine. Plus your HOD is so proud of you guys and think ED is no good. Why can't you do it all by yourself?"  

After a bit of argument and "I will tell my boss" threats from their side, I just told my boss (whom was sitting next to me). In the end they had to do it themselves. 

What can we learn from this wayang kulit?

1. You cannot be good in everything. In some point of your profession, you will need help from other disciplines as well. Always be humble.

2. COURTESY. A bit of 'please' and some politeness is very much appreciated. If you say things politely, people will help you out.

Here's a simple word to sum things up.


Stay humble and people will respect you. You don't have to demand for respect, you WILL get respect.

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  1. Well said bro .......................

  2. well said and so true .... Being respectful of others and being humble unfortunately not taught in medical schools or in hospitals....its either one has it or hasn't .....

  3. Humbleness..hu4 yup3..btw i know u dowana put d screen capture but its better than u intepreted it wif ur own word coz the last 2 sentences make d surgeon sounds more aweful..coz she said teach kk mo as heavy as teach fresh graduate ho not worse..n she said like teach lembu..when we want to comment bout other ppl..juz make sure we r not soiling our hands also..good blog love to read..im also a frust menonggeng m.o

  4. Exactly...agree on what you said.
    Physician in the tertiary hospital most of the time has narrow their view only on the symptoms and disease process only, but have forgotten that all these are preventable through primary care.
    I work in an acute area but always agree on Prevention better than Cure which the primary health providers are the foundation groups of people who really lead public to good health.

  5. i am wworking in outpatient department in district hospital with specialist. My problem is not the surgoen, physician or radiologist, but the MO of the specific depart. Even they are setahun jagung but act macam bagus...they did tell patient that OPD mo is stupid. they was once my 'stupid' HO..they forget it I believe.

    Yes..totally agree, a good doctor is a humble doctor. No doctor in this world knows everything...just ask an ortho surgoen to correct hyperglycemia, surely they will ask you to refer to Medical. u ask a physician to do T&s, believe me, patient will get secondary infection.

    u ask radiologist latest treatment of diabetes which are kacang to us..MO KK and OPD, cracked their head oso, they will never get the answer unless they google it.

    Back to basic. Be a good person. Jadilah resmi padi, makin berisi makin tunduk.

    tq MOfrust

  6. why are you so frustrated? cheer up guys

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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