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6:49 AM

This lady had hypoglycemia. What she does next will make you  speechless!

Still speechless?

Yup, all she did was drink a glass of magic EFGHI drink and she miraculously recovered from HYPOglycemia! A glass of teh tarik would do the same, but the reading would be 15++ mmol/l with a sprinkle of ketones secukup rasa. (Diabetic Ketoacidosis)

Let's see; why was I speechless?
1. Capillary blood sugar of 2.4 mmol/l and she is still smiling. Doesn't look like she has palpitation or sweating.

2. What did she really drink? A glass of EFGHI water or water with a sachet of sugar? Might it also contain some sort of steroid?

3. "Studies have shown that diabetics taking 'CHEMICAL' treatments experience hypoglycemia"

If diabetics have HYPERglycemia (high blood sugar) isn't it logic to treat it with oral HYPOglycemic agents (OHA) - medications that lower the blood sugar?

You can also share the reasons why you were left speechless in the comments section. If you are not speechless, then you have a high tolerance for rubbish marketers tell people online...and unfortunately most Malaysians DO believe in rubbish like this.

If you are some how able to find out what the exact name of this 'magic' water is (clue: not EFGHI) you might have noticed that they market it as;

The World's First and Only SMART Water

I'm not that smart but I AM smart enough to understand why it is the FIRST and ONLY one in the world. (sebab dia sorang je buat!). Maybe I didn't read up on who the Nobel Prize winners in medicine are for the past few years, but I am sure none of them had anything to do with developing a smart water. Come on! Some one who can develop water which can CURE non communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer SHOULD be given a noble prize. 

I don't really see a problem with people marketing all these waters and pills as SUPPLEMENTS but please la, don't make baseless claims like being able to cure diabetes, hypertension and even cancer. Yes, there are instances when people miraculously get cured from cancer but to say it is because of the use of one product without any concrete scientific evidence is just rubbish. Furthermore, there has been an increasing trend of some companies branding their products as 'TRADITIONAL HERBAL MEDICINE' when in fact they contain high doses of steroids and other controlled drugs. Even coffees for 'JANTAN KUAT' aren't spared.

So, please be smart. This lady could have just taken some sweets or food to prevent herself from getting hypoglycemic symptoms. And it shouldn't end there, she should have seen a doctor as soon as possible to adjust her OHA dosage. I believe, that would be a better and CHEAPER option than getting this 'smart' water. After all, it only costs RM 1 for a visit. If that also want to kedekut, I don't know what to do dah.

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  1. Mungkin statement no 3 tu poorly worded? Dia nak kata 'ubat kimia OHA' tu side effect dia hypoglycemia jd be careful bila guna produk dia ni...


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