Is It Still A Noble Profession?

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A friend of mine wanted to share her thoughts on working at Klinik Kesihatan (Local Clinic) but didn't want to start a blog. Some members of the medical fraternity may consider working at KK as goyang kaki but there is so much to that. So, with her permission here are Dr Mei Mei's (not her real name) thoughts. 

It is almost two years...that i committed myself to an 'area' i prefer...yes..primary health care @ health clinic @ 'low class clinic' to some people...i wouldn't say i regret coming here...but definitely things could be improved...if more people realized or are aware of how things are the health clinics... i would use my 'little' clinic as an it wouldn't be fair for me to comment on other clinics...

First of all...Clinic is not a 'Supermarket'...for you to enter the doctor's room like you are doing window shopping..and keep asking the doctor how come your number has not been called...or just barge in as you like and requested for medication without even registering...or pulled the chair in the doctor's room and start chit chatting with them over non-medical issues...or keep telling the doctor 'i should be seen first because I am working (but later requested for MC)/ my daughter should be seen first because she has school (when you daughter could have come in the afternoon for the medical check up) when there are more ailing people or elderly who actually waited patiently...or not telling doctors your symptoms but requesting for this medication...that medication... because you assumed you have already known your diagnosis before seeking treatment... (I was surprised how come over the counter medication were not purchased instead)...

Besides...Clinic is NOT giving FREE Medical Certificate (MC) like coupons/vouchers...MC is to be given by doctors who deemed you are NOT fit to work...You don't even need to ask if you ARE REALLY will be offered is definitely an INSULT to the hear things like 'You HAVE TO give me MC caused my boss asked for it??!!!'Does this indicate that your boss think that u are lying of not being able to work??Or our job have been degraded to just be MC providers??And our level has been degraded to be so low that...even representatives are sent to ask for don't deserved to be cursed or shouted at as well for not giving MC..because if u have that strength and mentality to behave at such..u ARE DEFINITELY NOT sick.. but so healthy and alert :) ( be thankful) 

Next...We know we are NOT your first line medical center...We are your LAST resort as cheap labor...We aren't sure if u are seriously testing our intelligence...or maybe you just looked up VERY HIGH on just come to the clinic without referral letters...but come telling us u have certain chronic diseases...and the best part finish ALL MEDICATIONS right before u come to the clinic...and then telling us of the colors of your medications...and gave us that 'Are you stupid or what' look when we said we cant know medications by colors...( because so many freaking medications ARE white in color..duh)and then replied us the sarcastic sentences ' Give me the BEST medications'. or. 'Then just give me what u have la'(not forgetting after the long lectures of asking how come we don't have come we don't have that).

Yes...we know it is our responsibilities to give the public our best...but we do pray/hope that the public will understand the predicament we may be going through as well...We certainly would give MCs to those who deserve it... (not those who pretended to be so sick in the consultation room but 
talking/laughing/joking outside the room..well..we are pretty observant if u have not know... and observe patients before and after they come into our room at times.. we don't need relatives to barge in our rooms threatening us and using hurtful remarks to bark at us...we are humans too but we hold back our frustrations because we are professional n i swear it IS NOT EASY to keep on smiling for each patient despite all the pain we are going through..) 

We know most of you are rushing for time...who doesn't want to be seen first... but when u have the numbering system..please follow the number... (definitely emergency cases are exceptional) and when your number are called, please be more alert...rather than busy playing with your phones/ busy watching the TV...busy talking.or went out for breakfast.. and then come shouting at the doctor for NOT calling you ( well again..we aren't stupid..we do jot down the time for CNA-call not around) even a doctor..i don't barge into the consultation room telling i want to be seen first, but waited 
patiently for 2-3 hours for my't try to cut queue...

We know u expect us to give u the SAME medications like what u have been spending hundreds of ringgit each consultation outside... but sorry we don't have that much allocations/budgets to buy expensive medications (especially those combinations)...hence what we have are THE BEST for us..but NOT the best for u.. so please stop complaining...

We know some of u may assume clinics are same like hospital but unfortunately we are not... we have limited facilities and we do pray that u all will be smart enough to go to hospital when conditions are serious, life threatening instead of just dropping by at clinic 'to check' first when u know u are supposed to go to hospital. You are actually wasting LOTS of time especially if it is REALLY an emergency... This advice is specially dedicated to mothers-to-be...who are reminded many times to go to hosp when u have symptoms of labor or reduce fetal movement...a fairly good example.. i am sorry that i would say u are so irresponsible when u can still have time to wait, fully make up (eyelashes..eye shades..blushes..lipstick..lip gloss)..take your own sweet time to come to clinic at 3 pm when u noticed your baby's movement has decreased since 5 point 'acting' it as an urgent case when u are making a fool of yourself...

We know that a lot of people rely on relatives/friends to come to clinic..but please don't make it a doctor's responsible to provide u all free transportation...if this is the difficulties u all are facing, bring out the issue to your MPs / ketua kampung or whoever who are supposed to be 'taking care' of your welfare.. if u all have been not well since late evening, early in the morning or over the weekends..please go straight to the hospital instead of waiting until MONDAY morning and make a havoc to be attended STAT when u could actually waited for 2 days...

I wasn't sure is it i am the ONLY ONE going through this...i wasn't sure is it that my threshold for tolerance has been hit too many times...i used to be very compassionate...but i am not sure if i am still one...or was it that my profession which is supposed to be a noble job has take a drastic turn over the years...MOs in KK aren't shaking legs like most of u may have in mind...We are lucky if we have less hectic days but often we are not that lucky...Main reason is..cost of living is higher so..where is the best place to get the cheapest consultation/medicine..and at the same 
time u can hurl hurtful words to the doctor on duty (especially those MC seekers/fakers)...we are 'verbally abused' too often... yet.. no one is really there to protect us... it is certainly demoralizing to go to work in this conditions...yet we still go to work despite being sick...being ill...being hurt...we still skip lunches to continue seeing the endless number of patients...cause in our hearts...we know there are still people who deserve the best from us...who appreciates us...we don't ask for more...but please treat us with a little respect..we would be grateful for that...doctors are after all human beings as well like you...if u don't like being shouted / cursed / hurt at with words... then don't throw your tantrum at doctors who are trying their best to help u...if u want people to understand you...then try to be understanding as well... if u don't like people who are bossy.. so are we... we don't need Google doctors... 

i guess bad weeks made me more emotional than i used to be...and still questioning myself... have i chose the right profession in the first place......

p/s: today i have another interesting new trend i guess..a mother demanded for MC coz her child is sick..reason being no one is taking care of her this how PEOPLE abuse MC nowadays???

Dr Mei Mei

This are her thoughts and writing and she deserves due credit. I believe a lot of doctors in Klinik Kesihatan experiences the same thing at work. Sometimes, you just have to let it all out...and hope for a better day tomorrow.

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  1. agree with the content but a mother indeed has right to get MC if the child really sick..its inside the circular

    1. Isnt the circular said mc not for family taking care of sick family member.

    2. It is in the circular that MC can be given to mother to look after the sick child.

      Yours truly,
      Dr Ramzu

    3. Thank you for all the comments. I tried looking up for the circular online at JPA & MOH sites but can't seem to find them. Care to share the circular here?
      Sometimes I DO want to give mothers MC because its NOT easy taking care of a sick child.

    4. There is such a circular? We should be educated on matters like this. We are the one who knows least to know abt legalities, our rights, latest circular stuffs and everything else in between..

      now, mos get lashed at for ho issues as well. There is always two sides to a story.. there are bad people in both sides of the teams- dr vs pt.. mo vs ho.. kkm should come out with structured evaluation-feedback or problem solving plan for these matters. Not just make one general ruling and putting matters unattended.

      Anyway, i feel the exact same way as dr mei mei and even more. I love people. I love my job. But i just dont like what i have become because of that.

      Well written. Thank u.

    5. I dont know about the circulat as well. Care to share?

  2. So so so so so truee!! U r not alone dr mei mei.. im working in klinik kesihatan too.. i feel like i am reading my own thoughts..

  3. If only the DG or Health Minister would read this....

  4. and when the medical staff (MO, MA, nurse, PPK etc) wants dental treatment more often than not they request for immediate attention, immediate treatment, fastest possible appointment. kalau tak bagi, tunjuk macam2 muka.

    and when the dental staff wants to see a doctor, oh we're made to wait hours instead. and sending dental officers over to see an MA for prescription? you really want us to beg "Please let me see an MO so I can my MC"?

    you're a service provider. keep on whining MOs but tbh if you don't like your job you should just consider another profession.

    1. I am sure when your colleagues did that, they ask you for favour, not demand with rudeness, but they may not know you would expect a trade with mc, if you r on duty, you can also ask the triage favour if you can hav earlier sequence for subsequent duty time, it is ok if you turn off the request from other health care worker. Please do not discourage a doctor from service, if you are aware of respecting professional service, everybody has a down time, like you, it is ok to be a frustrated dentist, most sound and professional colleagues wont ask you to stop your service. Thank you for your attention, your courtesy is very much appreciated.

    2. Interestingly, in my KK the reverse is in practice. Dental staff get to see the MO first by coming in through the back door, whereas if we wanted to see the dentist we have to produce a GL first. Then we wait in front just like a normal patient would. Not instigating anything, just pointing out the differences in practice among KKs even though we all work under MOH.

    3. Haha yes. I still remember my horrid experience seeing a dental officer. I am a medical officer and wanted to do scaling and was chased out cuz i didnt have a gl and once i got inside after waiting for an hour because its only 2 pm and they think its not an emergrncy, i finally being scaled by an HO !

      What the hell wei? If theres a dental officer wanna see me for his medical check, i would see him myself if im not busy. And obviously the dental officer is not busy at that time. When i ask the nurse why am i getting a ho to do my scaling the nurse replied scaling job are ho's job. Hmmmmm

      I would ask a ho to bloody insert your cbd the next time u get into my ward. You wait.

  5. You are not the only one. Working in a district hospital which also run opd here, i have experience all of your experience shared here. Everyone think we are low class. Came to hospital and ask to transfer to this hospital or that tertiary hospital. We also kind of running a bus bussiness using ambulance.

  6. Some people are just too ignorant to dr hardship in health care system. You r not alone, if you really feel uncomfortable with current situation, maybe you can consider going to private sector. The public wont know however they hav loss a doctor who was so compasionate to serve the community, when they hav to pay then only they will appreciate.

  7. Thank you for all the comments. I tried looking up for the circular online at JPA & MOH sites but can't seem to find them. Care to share the circular here?
    Sometimes I DO want to give mothers MC because its NOT easy taking care of a sick child.

  8. I didnt know about mc for mothers too until a child specialist offered me one. Thats only when he asked me about my job. I only hv 7days of annual leave (teacher). He said his principal is " a mother is the best nurse for a sick child ". He even asked me to care for my own sick child n gave me 2days of mc. I was so relieved cause i used all my 7days for my girl. She has asthma.

    So i think giving mcs to mothers like me helps a lot. Thank you doctor!!!

  9. No 4 ?

  10. I feel like reading my own thoughts. Exactly what happened in my KK too! To be fair, we do have lots of kind patients too, and some troublesome Drs/ Health Staff. :)

  11. I encountered this similar situation 30 yrs ago when i was at kk in Terngganu. Now my son and his colleagues encountered this similar situation in kk in one of the developed state ie Selangor.
    And now i m at the state Jkn. I received similar situation from many KKs.
    the question is what's wrong with the system? Can weido something about it? Can u as the younger gen of doctor do something to chsnge the system?

  12. I think that's the most malignant disease that the community is having..sometimes i even felt worse than a cashier..a cashier will only allow customers to bring back their goods after paying.. but in kk/opd, i personally felt patients learn to extort free medications from us, thinking that they are paying for our salary. Sometimes you can't blame us for cursing mean patients that they would give in faster to their diseases in the back of our minds...because doctors, beneath our white coats, we are still made up of bones, skin, flesh and feelings...just like them..

    1. Hi whitemokona, I don't intend to turn this blog into a patient bashing blog. We must never forget that patient's wellbeing is our top priority. Regardless of why we do medicine, rule number ONE is do no harm.
      Let's just keep our emotion in check.

      I started this blog as an avenue to make people understand what doctors gk through because there has been rampant doctor bashing, even in the mainstream media.

      I AM a doctor!

  13. Hi Dr Mei Mei..i totally understand..things are no different in the specialist clinics as well..I am an ophthalmology MO who go through long clinics with limited amount doctors, work through lunch hours, brush the need to go loo..but most of the time the first opening sentence from my patient is ' doctor, I have waited for 2 hrs' need ti mention the patients who barge into the room and walking straight to the deck of cards and see their when is their turn..I am trying my best to smile and offer kind words..but I guess I have my limits too. If you thing the waiting time is too long, u shld bring to proper channels.. Maybe they will provide more MO's if u complain..pls Dont take it up on us..we are definitely very normal human being who deserved to be angry if got provoked..

  14. Tiada agenda manusia yang sempurna tetapi amat merugikan apabila ada agenda yang sudah cukup baik tetapi tidak dilaksanakan. Jika ada mana-mana pihak yang merasakan mereka ada alternatif yang lebih baik yang belum pernah dibincangkan sebelum ini atau belum dilaksanakan lagi bolehlah utarakan kepada pihak-pihak yang berkenaan agar dapat dipertimbangkan untuk dilaksanakan.

    We are not perfect but that should not stop us from working towards perfection.

    Lets do our very best and ALLAH SWT will do the rest.

    Sama-samalah kita berdoa semoga ALLAH SWT sentiasa memberi kita petunjuk dan hidayahNya demi kesejahteraan semua.

    Buat baik berpada-pada
    Buat jahat sekalipun jangan
    Yang mungkar usah dicuba
    Yang elok ayuh teruskan

    Dunia ini hanya sementara
    Carilah bekal untuk ke sana
    Halalnya dihisab
    Haramnya diazab

    Semoga kita semua sama-sama berjaya serta bahagia di dunia dan akhirat.


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