To Sue Or Not To Sue

7:44 AM

"I should have read up on how to read a CTG on Google before agreeing to the doctor's decision"

A disgruntled mother

Cardiotocography: A graphical representation of the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions. It is used to determine the well being of the fetus.

This is roughly what was written by a lady on her blog relating her displeasure regarding her experience delivering at a private hospital. She bashed the doctor pretty nicely. She clearly mentioned the doctor's name and the hospital. It appeared like she was all out to shame the doctor and the hospital. The comments that were made by some members of the public were mean and viscous as well. I am not able to provide a link to the website as it has been removed from the net since 20th September 2014. Instead, a special blog was set up as a statement of apology by the blogger.

Now, that IS something. A specific web address, for ONE specific purpose...looks like someone received a note from a lawyer. I find this interesting as there has been a never ending doctor bashing on social media lately such as the rather kurang ajar lady complaining about a doctor at ED taking a rest in the wee hours of the morning and not see her NON-EMERGENCY case quickly. I give the team at KJMC (lawyers, management and Dr Fatima Najla) a thumbs up for upholding their rights. Dr Fatima Najla deserves a pat on the back for not proceeding any further and sue the blogger. I don't think its worth it, the blogger should be given a chance as well. 

Obstetrics is a tough field. Obstetricians not only have to ensure the safety of the mother, but the unborn baby as well. He or she is in charge of saving TWO LIVES! It gets more challenging today as more 'smart' and 'Googly' people embrace natural birth, lotus birth and anti-vaccers. Personally, I have no problems with natural birthing but just stay within the safe limits. Doctors spent years trying to acquire knowledge and hone skills to manage obstetric cases. Spending 10 minutes Googling 'How to read a CTG' is NOT one of them. If I can master CTG by just 'Googling' it, I wouldn't have been shouted at by my MO during housemanship! Even if you do master the science of CTG, it would mean nothing.

"If the CTG is reactive, is it still safe for to deliver normally?"

"If CTG is reactive how long do I let the patient be in labour?"

"The fetal heart rate is border line tachycardic, how do I proceed?"

If everyone can be a doctor by just looking things up on the net, why is there a need for doctors? Why is there a need for airline pilots since the Flight Simulator Games are so 'real'? It is not wrong to question a doctors decision. It is always best to involve a patient in all decisions regarding a patient's management. But do remember that the doctor made the decision to save not one, but TWO lives.

Why was the blogger so mad about Dr Fatima? 

She delivered safely without any complications during labor of surgery.
Her baby was delivered safely. Not disabilities, no deformities.

Could Dr Fatima have done something to prevent delivery by Cesarean section (LSCS)? Maybe. 

Dr Fatima DID do what was expected of her as an obstetrician; to conduct a safe delivery for both mother and child.

Regarding the charges and whatever transpired between the blogger and the staff at KJMC should be resolved trough the proper channels. She could have contacted the Public Relations Department and lodged a formal complaint so that the hospital can improve its services.


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  2. It's the "why is everybody under dr fatima's care were put under urgent C-sect delivery when their records were clean and everything seemed normal and safe for normal birthing during the entire checkup right before delivery", not "I should've read the CTG myself and be smarter than my doc"

    A friend's sister went to dr fatima. She recalled the exact same experience as the blogger, like it was something dr fatima did (or still do) repetitively like some carefully coordinated act and script it seems totally natural to her (dr fatima). Hell, I got a bad stitching up job done on my epi wound and I felt like the hospital nurse was doing it on purpose because I screamed at her during birthing but that's probably just me overreacting (but yes, the epi wound is bad a few docs recommended a visit to the ER for resuture) but when people are complaining over the very same thing made by the very same doc on pretty much all her patients, then her practice should be put under supervision lah.. urgent C-sect spells big money since people are paying double from what they were willing to pay at first. Money aside, most people just don't want to be cut up in the belly if it's really unnecessary. If God wants people to keluar ikut tingkap then the tingkap will be provided from the very beginning.

    1. Hi buTTerFLowER,
      If these complaints can be verified, I suggest that a formal complaint is lodged to the hospital, Malaysian Medical Council & Ministry of Health. If there is a clear trend, action can be taken.
      A formal complain will:
      1. Get the doctor & her management to buck up her service
      2. Put her on a watchlist

      You can help them improve their service to benefit other patients.



    2. Hi. I was. One of dr najla's patient. I always reminded her that i wish to have a normal deivery. And yes, she let me and monitor me thoroughly untill i managed to deliver my pretty baby. And the staff taking care of me in very friendly manner. I think its starts with us, if we display good manner and respect to others, then others will do the same to us.

  3. I remembered during my posting in O&G, one fellow houseman was sitting for a final viva. The MO scribbled a CTG pattern and asked him/her : "What's this?"

    Failed to answer it correctly, the houseman was extended for another 3 month, stat.

    Recognizing decelerations is one of the very basic, VITAL knowledge in reading CTG. Even for housemen like me, we are trained to answer at least the question "when to inform boss stat?"

    I'm surprised that just by Googling about CTG is enough to answer even a more challenging, specialist-level question : "Should I ceaser or not?". Bravo to the mums out there *sarcasm*

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