Don't Waste Drugs

7:28 AM

Consider this;

"I pay my taxes promptly. Why should I pay RM 1 to see a doctor at a government clinic?! Healthcare should be free."

"I paid taxes for this? Why should I have to wait so long? Such a big hospital and not enough staff to attend to my 37 degress Celcius fever? What a waste of tax payers money"

"Bonuses for government servants? Why waste tax payer's money on slow, lazy staff?!"

Its a common complain among Malaysians. I pay taxes, I should be treated like royalty! There is some truth to that. The rakyat should be treated like royalty. Rakyat di dahalukuan. But I am not here to talk on politics. If I say to much, I'll be charged with sedition (last week's word of the week). So let's stay clear of that for now.

Recently a pharmacist posted on Facebook about how she received a stack of mixtard, a type on insulin for diabetics, at her dispensary. Based on the picture, it looks like a year's worth of medications. She received the vials from a patient who has accumulated it over months but failed to comply to the treatments given. Unfortunately, the whole pile of mixtard were all expired.

The question now, is this a form of WASTED use of taxpayer's money? The main reason why healthcare in Malaysia is heavily subsidized is to ensure basic healthcare can be available too all Malaysians, especially the less fortunate. There is absolutely no problem if it is fully utilized by the patient. Get as much as possible from the services made available by the Ministry of Health. Please do. Go for regular screening and checkups. If you intend to quit smoking, MOH has a stop smoking clinic to help you at selected clinics.

Please, please, please don't waste medicine. If you don't want it, return it to the pharmacist so that it can be given to more deserving people. Consult the doctor if you have problems with the treatment especially if there are side effects, Perindopril, an antihypertensive can cause dry cough in certain individuals while aspirin, used to prevent stroke and heart dispease is known to cause dyspepsia.

Doctors are guilty as well. It is common to see 'continue the same' plan of management or just increasing doses without checking a patient's compliance. This is only possible with good rapport.

So, instead of sharing that fact on Facebook about a biscuit is made of plastic just because it burns on direct fire, please share this;

If you don't want to take your meds, just return it back.
You can carry on seeing your sinseh, bomoh and using quadruple stem cell mixture. But don't waste precious tax payer's money.

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