I Don't Use Kool Fever, But When I Do....

9:32 AM

Breaking news!

Kool Fever can cause cerebral palsy if used often! Please don't put it on the forehead but instead apply it at the back of the neck for 'thermostat effect'. Please, this is not a hoax. Sharing is caring!

Sharing is really caring....if  you care about your doctor, please DON'T share this! There can be a mass hysteria of doctors. I can get seizures reading this. Maybe instead of kepala, can put at kepala lutut instead since you are not using a lot of your brain. Even some of my non medical friends know that behind that forehead, behind that skin there is a skull. Even in the brain itself there is a blood brain barrier. From what I understand, Kool Fever acts by dissipating heat to help reduce the temperature, similar as how tepid sponging works. However, the effectiveness is still debatable. 

It would be rather interesting to see kids coming to the clinic with a Kool Fever stuck at the back of their neck though...it would be hard to keep a straight face. Well, Malaysia Boleh! When manufacturers show the exact way to use things, they just pandai pandai adjust sendiri! Same as when doctors say "this illness doesn't warrant antibiotics", people still DEMAND for them. Even though they just take 1 dose and keep the rest for 'spare'.

So, what should you really do when a child has fever? 

Assess the child properly. If the child is really weak, not active and looks dehydrated seek medical attention urgently. Otherwise, paracetamol (dose according to weight) will do just fine. Tepid sponging will do wonders as well. If fever is more than 3 days, visit the nearest clinic to get some proper assessment. Also watch out for any skin lesions that may be an early sign of meninggococcal infection. 

Remember: DO NOT assume a child with fits during fever is having febrile fit until you have ruled out all other cause, especially meningitis.

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  1. Read about this few times but yet i still put kool fever at my kids' forehead unless they refused it so i'll put it at their back but with sponging method as well :)

    People tend to believe what they want to believe especially when it becomes viral on net

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  3. Anything that viral are true... no need to investigate, must share!

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  5. Hi Elena
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