Selamat Hari Raya

11:42 PM

Esok nak Raya! While others are enjoying themselves at their kampung halaman or just enjoying the long holidays jalan jalan cari makan, there are some who won't be Raya-ing with their families this year. Just like Citibank, the hospital never sleeps

This cute video has been making its rounds on social media for a few weeks now. It was made by the nice people at the orthopaedics department of Hospital Sultan Ahmad Shah, Temerloh. Its a tribute to all the staff that will be working through out the Raya holidays period.

Working during the holidays season can be a nice experience. Provided that you have some good company, regardless of their race or religion. I had fond memories of some mini celebration when I was in ED and during my housemanship. The staff that had to work brought along some kuih raya and lemang to eat together, while some who did not have to work and lived nearby dropped by to bring some more food for the working staff. We would gather in the pantry and put on some lagu Raya and lampu kelip kelip. There was a sense of togetherness. Like one big happy family....I kind of miss those days.

I have to get back to the kitchen to prepare food for tomorrow's Raya. If you happen to know me, do come over for Hari Raya. If sedap, do comment on Facebook or Twitter. If tak sedap....please keep it to yourself ;)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfritri everyone. Ampun dan maaf jika terkasar bahasa. Take good care of your health.


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