MH 17: Another Tragedy

10:56 AM

Thursday night, 17th July 2014. It was 11.50 p.m. I don't usually log in to Facebook before bed but I accidentally pressed the Facebook app on my phone that night. to my surprise on the top of my news feed was:

"Tgk cctv news channel 509...flight MAS 777 crashed kt border russian-ukraine..."

Is it another hoax or is it real news, I thought to myself. This friend of mine is not the type that post rubbish updates on Facebook. As I scrolled down, links from major news agencies popped up. Unfortunately, it turned out to be true.

I posted an update at MOfrust's FB page that night:

As a Malaysian I feel sad. I feel a great loss. Please don't politicize this. Please don't make it into a religious and racial issue. Please respect the families who lost their loved ones & please don't share fake updates...there's already a picture of a MAS plane when it looks like a photoshopped scene from Lost.

This is a scene from Episode 1 of Lost

It has been only barely 4 months since the MH 370 incident. And yet some Malaysians never learn. In troubling times like this, we should unite as a nation. But some just want to sow the seeds of hatred. Cause religious tensions. Question things inappropriately. Blame everything on the government. And get ONE MILLION likes by sharing fake news.

In less than 24 hours;

1. A Malaysian lady just had to flame religious and racial sentiments on Facebook. (Let's just let the police do their job on this and not speculate whether her account was hacked or it was her).

2. People shared a video of a plane crash that doesn't look anything like a Boeing 777 (and yet people share like crazy)

3. A politician just had to blame MAS for the blunder when in fact he doesn't seem to know that there is a European aviation authority which supervises the flight plans of commercial planes. In fact there were a few other planes flying in the same air space less than an hour apart.

GIF obtained from

4. A face palm, genius reaction of Finnair on Twitter denying that their flight plans avoided the Ukrainian airspace.

Finnair's Twitter

5. Some people's obsession with number 7. Boeing 777, 17th July, on the 7th of Ramdhan, on the 17th year of flight. Can someone tell me how the ONE fits in?....Oh just conveniently add some random numbers and it becomes SEVENTEEN!

Fortunately, Bung Mukhtar didn't "out-Bung" himself by making uncalled for tweets.

Just to make it clear; I did not lose any relatives on that flight. I do not know anyone in that flight personally.

WE lost some good MALAYSIANS on that flight. WE lost a MALAYSIAN AIRCRAFT. Some other MALAYSIANS had their loved ones in that flight.

The perpetrators must pay for this. It was not caused by any malfunction. It was not caused by the pilot and crew. Someone shot a missile to a civilian aircraft. Let the authorities do their job to find out what really happened.

As for a typical Malaysian like me, I can only pray for the souls that perished on that flight. I can pray and offer my condolences to the families that lost their loved ones. And I can stand up for my country.

Stay united.

Let's not forget to pray for Palestine as well in their effort to survive the Israeli assault and occupation.


MOfrust for Malaysia and Gaza

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