Why Sensationalize The News?

9:37 AM

While others are fast asleep with their loved ones at home, cuddling each other lovingly or hanging out with friends after a late night movie, people called 'doctors' are stuck in the hospital hard at work trying to save lives. Life is a bit more difficult for doctors in remote, understaffed and under equipped district hospitals. No specialists around to ask for help and a lot of times when trying to refer to a tertiary hospital some cocky MO will sound: 

"Aiyya, that one also want to send ah? So stupid cannot manage there?"

The sad part is, while you are busy saving lives and giving everything you have, no one is there when its your life that needs to be saved.

It was a sad day when news broke out about a medical officer who died after completing his on call. No one knew exactly what happened as he was alone at the time. He was only found after others went out to look for him. Maybe he was overly exhausted or may have had some underlying medical condition. The patients that survived that night at Hospital Alor Gajah might have been saved by this particular doctor.

Despite the somber mood of the Malaysian medical fraternity after hearing the sad news, some rubbish journalist published something uncalled for in the mainstream media. I am not sure if it was in their print copy though (I do not enjoy reading both of these newspaper anyways), but it was on their online portal. NST.com.my most probably noted the intense anger at the journalist and deleted the link (link unavailable since 12th June 1215am) but myMetro remains a nonsense newspaper.

"Naked doctor found dead in toilet" was the HEADLINE.

Is it so significant to highlight that the doctor was found naked in the toilet? Is anyone supposed to be fully dressed in the toilet?

Post call. 24 hours work. Tired. Need a shower. Need food.....those are the things most doctors think about after completing a hectic post call.

MyMetro was unnecessarily detailed as ever

"Seorang doktor lelaki atas panggilan yang sedang bertugas ditemui mati TANPA SEURAT BENANG dalam keadaan TERTIARAP di dalam tandas di Hospital Alor Gajah hari ini"

Why highlight the TANPA SEURAT BENANG and TERTIRAP? Haven't you got enough readers to attract?
Why stoop so low? Where is the respect that the doctor deserve?

Some may find this trivial but you just have give the doctor some respect. Give the family room to grieve. No need to highlight the fact that he was naked.

I fully support Dr Jim Loi's, President of Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia, protest on the NST article.

Please show some RESPECT.

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  1. well, some people shower with their cloths on, it seems...

  2. The one shower with the cloth full dressed should be the writer of metro

  3. This low mentality somehow I notice is quite common here, prevalent in some communities. When my Dad died in 1989, had a fall while having a shower at the age of 89, I was shocked when someone asked very seriously if he was naked!!! not about any injury during the fall !!! This writer obviously falls in this category!

  4. Harian Metro have been full of crap...

  5. It is really sad to see how cruel the media can be and the person who wrote the article to belittle the late doctor is obviously one from the lowest rung of the society ladder. In my humble opinion, being a doctor is a noble profession, while some may argue otherwise. Do not let the poison from one's pen bring the morale of doctors down, but remember the ones who truly appreciate your services. I am at least one of the many out there. Thank You Doctors!

  6. just been too angry about those 'sensationalized' article to even comment anything on it!
    Another 2 untimely deaths of young doctors in Malaysia today, due to MVAs...very vey sad month this' turning out to be for our fraternity. May all their souls RIP. Above all, may their families be strong enuff.... *sobz*

  7. I think that it's very important that all doctors, no matter how junior or senior, should have some sort of a safety net in their work.
    If they come across medical cases where they are not that familiar with, they should have the opportunity to make referrals to someone who is more conversant with the case.
    Rather than proceed based on guess work.


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