A Screwed Up Guide for Stroke

6:46 AM

Sigh.....another day, another potential heart attack as I explore Facebook. Another fake public service announcement by some unknown, non medical source. Compared to my previous post on the relationship between not bathing for the first 3 days of menses and postpartum mortality, this THING about first response to stroke is BLOODY PREPOSTEROUS!!

Lets go through this man's wonderful first aid response to someone having signs and symptoms of stroke.

1. Don't panic
    Good. But I would PANIC when this guy is around me when I get a stroke and can't speak out (aphasia)!

2. Don't move the patient
    Please, MOVE the person away from any form of DANGER!

3. Get a needle and prick EVERY FINGER until 1 - 2 drops of blood comes out
    A stroke patient can still FEEL. Sensation is still intact! Are you mad to inflict that much pain?!

4. If there is facial asymmetry pull hard on the ear lobe until it becomes red or prick it with a needle
    What is wrong with you?!!

5. Bring the person to hospital

Yang paling tak tahan is

                   Remember guys when we prick people with stroke, WE ARE HELPING THEM

I am not someone who swears a lot but when I first read this I felt a strong urge to swear. What's worse is the comments from his friends. Here's one good info from me:


It will only add to the suffering of the person. The longer it takes for the person to get medical attention the prognosis would be worse. Stroke is a debilitating disease. A person can lose their ability to do daily chores. Buttoning up a shirt or picking up a spoon may be nothing to a normal healthy person but to a person with stroke, it means EVERYTHING. You will never appreciate something you have until you lose it. The faster you act, the damage won't be as bad.

So, what should actually be done when someone develops signs and symptoms of stroke? I've never lived or studied in Britain but I just love the UK National Health Service's health promotion advertisements. Here's one on stroke.

F.A.S.T. advertisement

Did anyone see anyone pricking the lady with a needle in that video? Did anyone see a British bloke calling "Someone, get a needle here!"?

The reason why first responders need to get help urgently is because there is a 4.5 hours golden period for reperfusion therapy. However, this only applies to ischemic stroke. For those not familiar with stroke, medical personnel generally refer to stroke as cerebrovascular accident (CVA). It is mainly classified into Hemorrhagic stroke which refers to a bleed or Ischemic stroke whereby the blood circulation to the brain is compromised which in turn causes damage to the affected brain region. Reperfusion therapy allows for the return of circulation to the affected brain region thus minimizing further damage and in turn allows for better outcome.

I will not elaborate further on the management of stroke as you can download the guidelines and read it by yourself (if you are in the medical field).

My colleagues and I spent 5 to 7 years studying medicine. We spent 2 years of our lives being slaves in the hospital during housemanship. There are thousands of medical specialists in Malaysia. Yet, Malaysians prefer to listen to graduates of the University of Facebook and specialoids.

Can I get any fruster?

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  1. I feel satisfy reading this. Haha

  2. Medical Degree? more like Melayu Dukun

  3. Some people watch too much House MD or the ER

  4. HOAXes are everywhere.

    It is either the hoax generators have fun screwing with people's belief or the believer deserves to be deceived.


  5. http://raymondazmanali.wordpress.com/

  6. Another hoax is cough(self) CPR which is unfortunately, also shared among doctors, by some doctors themselves. Stupid joke! :P


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