Sharing is Caring...betul ke?

9:59 AM

Once upon a time, on one fine day, I received a group text from one of my non-medical Whatsapp group. My beautiful day was ruined. The contents broke my heart....

Attention to all ladies, do not bathe and wash your head (hair) during the first three days of period, its dangerous! PROVEN BY SCIENCE 80% of women die during labour due to uterine swelling.

I felt cheated. I was not an excellent student in medical school. But I MUST HAVE slept throughout ALL my O&G lectures to have missed THIS fact! My lecturers and specialists lied to me. Why did they ask me to waste time going through other risks factors of post partum haemorrhage such as grand multi para (banyak kali mengandung dan bersalin)? NO ONE taught me to get THE MOST important history of all.

" Awak ada mandi tak ketika 3 hari pertama datang haid?" (Did you bathe during the first three days of your menses?)

So FRUST la like this!

But seriously, I feel more 'frust' when people actually share this kind of rubbish. I have no idea how they can formulate a study for this. Cohort? Cross sectional? How will they be able to study the pathophysiology?

Here lies the beauty of being a graduate of The Medical School of Whatsapp. You can write all sort of rubbish and put a nice ending to it to make others share like:

"Share this if you love your lady friends"

"Share this to 1000 friends and you will CURE cancer"

This rampant spread of rubbish and nonsense on Whatsapp can get quite irritating for health care workers. We have to explain and counter all these rubbish in the group itself so that it won't get out of hand. But when there are more than 10 individuals in the group, there will always be one who will say'

"Take it or leave it! Tak nak percaya sudah. Ni kawan saya punya abang punya ipar yang bagitau. I LOOOVVVVVEEE all my lady friends and I want to spread it!"

In a country as hot and humid as Malaysia, imagine if ALL the ladies with 3 days of menses don't bathe.

Bau harum semerbak (smells fresh!)

Anyways, if you want to share please verify the contents first. Don't la just mention Prof. Dato' Dr. Haji MOfrust yang cakap. If its medical related mention which university and his specialty. Maybe the journal if nak lagi power.

Think before you share.

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