Aye or Nay To 2 Years HOship?

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2 Postings Housemanship

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3............2.................1......................Fight! Its just like watching someone play Mortal Kombat.

One one corner is a Dr. (I think) V. S. from Mentakab, Pahang and in another corner is the honorable President of MMA, Dr. N. K. S. Tharmaseelan. Nay versus Aye. What does MOfrust think about the current HOship training?

First of all, a disclaimer; this is my own personal opinion based on my short experience and my not so excellent and perfect academic achievements. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you can fight until the cat grows horns (kucing bertanduk).

I actually agree with Dr N. K. S. Tharmaseelan. I think 2 years of housemanship is just about right....but I still strongly believe that the shift system is a FLOP. Despite the grueling long hours of work (up to 36 hours of continuous work) and the frustrations during HOship, I did gain a lot during those years. I only realized it after being an MO. There is a VAST difference between studying and working. Some of the things I learned during the student days were not applicable during work. Most clinical presentations that I encountered were not "classical textbook". I still remembered in my 4th year medical post in medical school;

"Ultrasound is user dependent and thus deemed less accurate as compared to other imaging modalities"

Within just 2 years, FAST scan was the norm. And now, we are even progressing to Ultrasound Life Support whereby the ultrasound is just as good as the stethoscope.

My point is, the facts that were taught during medical school might not be up to date or applicable by the time a medical graduate starts working. I can't imagine myself not going through Paediatrics, O & G and Orthopaedics rotations during HOship. Would any medical facility allow a medical student to perform an exchange transfusion on a neonate? Or perhaps allow a student to intubate a premature baby in their hospital? Nothing beats the experience of performing it (with guidance) by yourself. It is difficult to teach on things like manipulating the laryngoscope and ET tube. You have to feel it yourself. Practical aspect of things can't really be taught in medical school.

But I am just a LOCAL graduate. I wasn't good enough to get a scholarship to study overseas. I was a mediocre student. During my HOship I have colleagues who are great in all the medical theories. They are like a walking Sarawak Handbook of Medical Emergencies 2nd Edition but they take hours to clerk a case. Fail to perform procedures. And a few of them even drop out of training after a few months. HOship WAS tough (not sure how it is now). But after completing the 2 years of training I feel better prepared to be a Medical Officer. It was a BIG achievement for me.

I would love to hear out what you think about HOship. Comment Aye or Nay to 2 years of HOship. You can also comment at facebook.com/mofrust.

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