VIPs and Their Nonsense

8:06 AM

Someone shared this internal memo on Facebook recently. Its quite fresh; dated 23rd April 2014. According to the post, it was a particularly busy day with only limited staff manning the pharmacy counter. There was already a long line of patients waiting for their medications. This so called VIP came to the counter and demanded that the pharmacist attend to him first instead of giving him a number. Basically he was potong line. The pharmacist didn't bother with the request and gave him a number instead. The next day, the pharmacist gets a letter demanding his resignation because he did not fulfill the VIP's wishes.

I assume that this is genuine as it does happen in almost all government hospitals. Some big shot fella will come over and demand for things, and expect all their demands to be met. I have encountered a few of these rubbish personalities myself. It is not so much of not wanting to give in to their demand but what happens to the rest of the patients that waited for hours for their medications? Some of those people are the elderly who can barely walk. Some of them have to catch a bus back to their kampung. Some bring along their little kids who can't stand the crowd. Then some VIP comes over, driving their big Mercedes and BMWs, not even bothered to pay the RM 1 fee and cut queue. Are these people really Very Important Persons? Come on la, EXCO KESIHATAN DAN PEMBANGUNAN SUKAN NEGERI? Are you actually in a rush to get to a meeting to discuss regarding the high cost of living? I doubt it. There goes the "rakyat didahulukan" tagline down the drain.

Respect is for those who DESERVE it, not for those who DEMAND it

MOfrust salutes the pharmacist that stuck to his principles and treat and every patient equally. Great job! Let's just hope that you don't become PHARMACISTfrust!

Meanwhile, the people on top at the administration level should really stop sucking up to VIPs like these. They are not doing anything much for the people. In my previous department, I always felt like I was an expendable asset. I wasn't treated like I was a valuable resource, which contributed a lot to me becoming MOfrust and leaving the department. Patient complains of not getting MC...I had to write a show cause letter. Patient absconds after 30 minutes of waiting, I had to be answerable. A HO screws up on some basic procedures, MOfrust kena. At the same time, when MOs demand for patients to be admitted straight to ward (after being accepted by the respective departments) to reduce the burden on staff its a NO because some other HOD in some other department is a JUSA (higher ranked) doesn't agree to it. 

Being a low ranking officer can be a challenge. Most of the time, medical staff come to work with much enthusiasm. Most would want to make changes to the people around them. But when every good deed is responded negatively like this poor pharmacist, all that enthusiasm goes off. That is why more and more people just work for the money. There is no incentive to improve. Most of the incentives will go to the people who happen to know somebody and suck up to them. They will pounce on any opportunity to leave the service. Not because of them not willing to sacrifice for patients. But because of all the negativity at work.

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  1. very well written fellow colleague.

  2. I wish I know who is this VIP. Tak bole share gambo die ke? I thought the intension of this letter was to make everyone aware of this exco.

    1. It was never my intention to reveal his identity. That was the reason I blacked out the names & state. This is just to reveal how much nonsense public servants need to go through

    2. Ohhh.. dengan sekali klik sahaja En.Google telah dapat memberitahu siapa gerangannya si VIP yang dimaksudkan..

    3. ada satu je Negeri yg ada gelaran exco tu.

  3. I so agree to your letter. One of the few reasons to why I opt to leave government. Just felt like end of the day it's abt who you know & not WHAT you know! How degrading!

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  5. All who seek treatment in gov hosp n clinics are VIPs. This exco should shut up and follow the queue. If he is not happy, u can tell him to go n complain !!! We serve the PUBLIC & all are treated EQUALLY !! No fear or favor.

  6. Pharmacists,lain kali kasi dia racun tikus,solved problem of him coming again.

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  8. ADUN mana ni. Lahabau celaka punya wakil rakyat.

  9. I apologise for removing some comments but please, no names. This blog is not an avenue to attack a person personally. Thank you for all the comments. Really appreciate it

  10. Ask the bloody exco to join the q and wait like other people if not perhaps suggest to him to go and stick his face in the place where the sun does not shine so well ... Yep in his own a_se. Perhaps the memo should have been written and distributed like this to all the pharmacist staff instead of bowing to his rediculous complaint. Why should we allow this very person to step over the public who he himself is supposed to serve. The very frail and the very elderly has to wait in the q and if he complaint about the long wait than do something to improve it not jump the q. if i'm in the q i would not allow him to step over me. Why punished and warned the front line staff who is doing the right and honest job and all to all "the ketua faciliti farmasi" please do not bow to that memo. Take it and tear it and put in the bin. It would have been useful to not blacked out the contact details and his face in the memo because i would have written back to him and the very person who send the memo my ranting.

  11. Melaka bro........

    1. I think that memo was a sarcastic reply.... welldone

  12. Well said! I agreed with every single words!
    I've been in both, government and private sector.. no difference..
    It's a stigmas in these VIP's head that they need to be attended ASAP anywhere, anytime and anyone should know this respect them!!!
    priorities MUST, and ALWAYS for them and their family too!!


  13. A pharmacist is the LAST person you want to piss off.

    "Oops, how DID that potassium cyanide end up in those capsules". . .

    Or just mix the meds with a powerful laxative. . .

  14. There's no place for an Exco having this attitude in Najib's administration. Just reveal his name and identity, you will have the entire Rakyat support. Believe me. That's how Mubarak was thrown out!

  15. If he is such a very important and busy person, he can always get his driver or assistant to get his rescription. But, alas, may not be too VIP after all if he got no river or assistant at his disposal.

  16. Ni exco Melaka, lahabau betul!

  17. Aiya, if VIP, then go private lah. Why cling on to the government's hospitals? If you want class just because you considered yourself VIP, then go and seek treatment at private hospitals; otherwise, no class at all (unless you follow the queue)

  18. Well said MOfrust, there should also have RNfrust too.

  19. People like this exco is more often than not, loaded.
    They should have gone to a private doctor or hospital.
    That is, if he has any consideration for the public.

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