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Watching Budak Baru brings back all the memories of housemanship. Thank you to Simple_Prince for forwarding this video to me via my email (please do email me if you have any suggestions for this blog by filling in the form on the right).


The cinematography for this clip is amazing. The acting....OK la. The one thing that stand out most was how that guy performed CPR. You watched too much Ampang Medical! If you were my HO and I saw you doing that, sure KENA one! But that's just me nitpicking.

The first day of work can be very stressful indeed. Day 1 of life can be very taxing. Its a sensory overload. Tagging for '1st posters' is usually 2 weeks (in the good old days). Tagging means you stay in the department between 6 am and 11 pm (sometimes 12 am) for 14 days in a row. It is supposed to make or break you. At the end of tagging HOs are expected to be FULLY functional (depending on the needs of the department).

Doctors are notorious for their bad handwriting, the next bad thing is the ridiculous short forms

PE 2 DVT 2 immobilization post open lap 2 PGU 2 NSAIDs abuse (pulmonary embolism secondary to deep vein thrombosis secondary to immobilization post open laparotomy secondary to perforated gastric ulcer secondary to non steroidal anti inflammatory drug abuse).

Its a whole lot of short forms but with very important information. A HO on the first day of life will go wonkers trying to interpret that! There was an incident whereby a relative lodging a complaint because he saw the doctors referring to his father as a "child of a female dog" in the patient notes when in fact it was "Patient complains of SOB"....SOB referring to shortness of breath! (that's why visitors shouldn't be peeking into the case notes).

Throughout this short film, we can see how Azlin progressed from being an enthusiastic, idealistic medical graduate to a frustrated, overworked and run down houseman. That's a fact that all medical graduates should be aware of when they enter the service. In an ideal world, doctors would be there to talk to the relatives and patients. Attend to their every needs. Doing everything by the books. After 2 weeks of tagging, most will just want to get the job done. There will always be deadlines to chase. Settle all blood taking and review of patients before the morning rounds, then get radiology appointments and trace all the results by afternoon rounds. Then chase the specialist for signatures before 5 pm...not forgetting having to attend to emergency cases. This is the harsh reality. 

As in the video, some HO just want to get through their housemanship by all means. Even falsifying blood investigations. This is something that shouldn't be tolerated as it can be detrimental to patient's well being. As an MO now, once I get my HO cheating on things like this, that's the end of it.

The last part I like about this clip is the scene at night

"Kerja ni dapat tolong orang"

"Aku tak setuju bila kau cakap kerja ni lain dari yang lain. Hakikatnya semua kerja sama je. Dan kau tak perlu rasa special sangat."

"Semua kerja ni sama je, ada naik ada turun."

Very strong words. Very deep meaning. It applies to everyone. Whatever you do, you can still add value to other people's life. There is no point of feeling superior than others. A surgeon might feel like he is the best doctor in the world but he is a NO ONE without the anaesthesiologist. Give him a laryngoscope and an ETT and he might not know what induction agents to give. Even through my short career, I have seen some snobby doctors.

"Those ED MOs don't know what they are doing. They keep on screwing up"

But when their patients suddenly fit or develop cardiac arrest in the comfort of their own clinics, these snobby guys call for the ED MOs to manage their patients. Even though the emergency trolley is just next to them. The same goes for other support staff. People look down on the Bangladeshi cleaners in the hospitals. But without them, the hospital will be filthy. They too TOLONG ORANG in their own special way.

Its the circle of life.

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  1. The scriptwiter, Nadia Khan once a house officer, quit her job to pursue a career closer to her heart.. I , too, love the night scene

    1. oh i thought she's currently a tutor for medical students in UTAR?


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