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7:53 AM

I think most, if not all medical graduates will understand this meme. Well, at least half of the graduates were persuaded by their parents either forcefully or in a subtle way. I don't have any statistics but there is a large portion of medical graduates who do not practice or have gone FRUST.

Today's tech savvy teenagers have got information at the tip of their fingers. Although some would rather play Pou or Candy Crash, at least they have some way of getting to know about a course before jumping into it.

During my time, in a galaxy far far away, the internet was just at its infancy. Does anyone still remember mIRC chat? That thing was whack! Teenagers then had their parents subscribe to the internet just to use mIRC (remember the modem? kukukuk....krrrkekekeekekekkkkkkkeeeeekkkk).

In the good old days. You just listen to your uncles, distant cousins and neighbours (who are not doctors) telling you of how great it is to become a doctor. You will be RICH. You will be RESPECTED. You will be AWESOME. No one told me about the sacrifices. The long hours of work. The fact that all family matters and all personal matters comes second after a patient's life. Its a fact that many are not aware of.

In the next few days, the news will be filled with happy faces of teenagers with excellent results (I don't its possible to get 18 A1s anymore). Then, the ministry will announce how great and awesome our education system is.

In a month or two there will be pictures of disgruntled parents accusing the ministry, universities and scholarship bodies of unfair treatment of their children.

"Anak saya dapat 10 A1 tetapi tidak dapat masuk jurusan perubatan"...with a picture of the parent in tears while the son stares blankly to the camera.

Then some political party will interfere and urge for more places for medical undergraduates. Then the cycle continues. Its the same old thing every year.

What I am trying to get to here is

If you don't have the passion or interest DON'T get into medicine. It will drive you nuts. While your previous school mates enjoy 3 months of semester break, you only get ONE month. While they start getting their first paycheck, you are still a budak hingusan,just starting to adjust to clinical years.

Yes, employment is almost guaranteed. But that might not be so in the near future (please refer to Dr Pagalavan's blog post). Medical graduates might be unemployed in the near future due to the projected influx of medical graduates into the Ministry of Health.

For the non straight A students, SPM is not the end. There are many fine examples of people who flunked their exams but still able to become successful and contribute to the society. And parents, please don't put too much pressure on your child if he or she does not perform to your expectations. Not all individuals are alike. It is NEVER too late to identify your child's strengths. NEVER tell them that you have lost hope in them.

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