Poisons and Medications

11:59 PM

Let's look at the difference between these two news highlights.


Its the same piece of news, but the highlight is completely different. One is a reputable newspaper among businessmen, the other the most popular newspaper in Malaysia. Sadly, most of the patients I see in the clinic will carry the latter. That says a lot about the mindset. 

Was this child actually given racun? But seriously, doctor prescribing POISON to a baby?....he should be charged of MURDER!!!! Come on la, takkan la orang nak kasi racun kot? Cukup cukup la merepek nye.

Enough with the conspiracy theory and sarcasm. Let's just pray that the child recovers well. If it is indeed Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS), it can be really painful for the child. I could understand how hard it is for the parents to see the child suffering. Personally, I feel that the parents panicked and just didn't know what to do, even though I think making a police report is overkill.

SJS is an immune reaction of the body towards certain triggers such as drugs and infections. Basically it is a VERY BAD ALLERGIC REACTION. It effects the skin and mucous membrane. Due to its effect on the largest organ in the human body (the skin) it can be painful and predispose to secondary infection. Imagine getting burns all over the body and surviving the ordeal. Furthermore, there is no physical barrier to protect the body from the environment such as heat and infection. The body can get dehydrated easily. On top of that, the mouth can be filled with painful ulcers. It is just HORRIBLE.

Can SJS be prevented? If you had a prior allergy to a type of drug, then avoidance is necessary. But what happens if you had no history of drug allergies? Should doctors do the skin allergen test to everyone? Is it possible to single out ONE agent? If I get severe allergic reaction secondary to seafood ingestion, do I make a police report against the fisherman or the cook?

Personally, I feel that doctors need to share some of the blame. My colleagues might disagree with me. Maybe we need to inform patients in advanced on the signs and symptoms of allergic reaction and adverse reactions of certain prescribed drugs. 

I had a patient who had chronic cough for more than 6 months. He would visit the clinic for cough very frequently. He was given benadryl every time. Then I noted, he was on perindopril for hypertension. A few days after witholding perindopril, his cough stopped. He told me, no one told him that his cough can be caused by his anti hypertension.

On the patient's part, please take note on what you are allergic to. 

Mr ASaya ada allergic ubat, tapi tak ingat ubat apa.....
Me:    Encik ingat tak ubat tu untuk apa?
Mr A: Tak ingat la doktor. Doktor ni banyak sangat tanya soalan la!

This was a real conversation. For doctors to diagnose and treat properly, to their best ability they need to get a good, detailed history.

Me: Do you have any previous illnesses?
Mr B: Nope
Me: (After taking his blood pressure of 200/110 mmHg)...Your blood pressure is too high Sir, I need to start some medications.
Mr B: Memang I ada hypertension tapi dah tak makan ubat dah. DAH SIHAT. TAK SAKIT KEPALA pun......saya makan SUPER QUADRUPLE STEM CELL!

Hopefully this incident will bring some awareness regarding SJS and drug reactions to the public. Although some will go around telling their relatives that modern medicine is all wrong and agenda Yahudi....then, in a few months time there will be stories of bomoh's molesting their 'patients'.....all in Harian XYZ! 


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  1. Sometimes I feel like KKM should be more aggressive about NOT letting irresponsible reporters get away with those sorts of headlines. Spread of false information and borderline fearmongering. Keep up the good work!

    1. Sangat setuju... They blabber out stories even they didn't get the facts right.. very annoying...

  2. Haiiyyaaa patients! There was once i told a patient that its his responsibility to remember his allergies, his medical conditions & his medications. Thats after he snapped that i asked too many questions about his allegies n medications, when all i wanted to do was prescribing the right antibiotics for his infection. Ni kat melbourne ni. Sama mcm malaysia

  3. Janganlah marah...kita pun kena check kesalahan kita sendiri..do you guys ever wonder why our medicine are all drug base? tak boleh ke plant base ke aper...you know what synthetic substance will enter your body as? As pathogen, dear.....no wonder this child become the victim....open your eyes, widely...for tousand of years plant has become medicine and suddenly in this modern era, the drug company with their bias evidence try to prove to naive doctors that their petroleum and earth minerals is a better choice....In previous civilization there were no building call 'hospital'.......better think before rejecting conspiracy theory.....
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