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Being a doctor is wonderful. The joy of seeing patients being cured and return to health is a great joy.

MARILAH RAMAI RAMAI MENJADI DOKTOR. Idaman setiap pelajar yang cemerlang

……being a doctor working in Malaysia, as a government SERVANT is another thing all together. I have made 2 different drafts of this post. I have tried my best not to be too critical of my PAYMASTER. Of course, some people will go around saying;

Ek eleh, syukur je la ada kerja. Orang dah bayar gaji tu buat je.

Yes, I am very grateful I have a job. I am able to live a rather comfortable life. Unfortunately, I don’t work in some office where I 
  • punch in at 8 am
  • go out and have breakfast until 9 am
  • break at 1030am
  • decide where to have lunch at 12 pm over a cup of coffee
  • go out for lunch at 1250 pm and return to work at 230pm
  • tea at 430pm and line up at the punch card machine at 450pm

Heck, if I punch in at 8 am sharp, I’ll get a complaint from patients because I am supposed to start attending to patients at 8 am, not 8 am baru nak datang! (which is fair enough since I am supposed to start ting tong-ing my bell at 8 am)

The reason for my frustration is the sudden decision to start shift system in government clinics. Let’s review the past decisions of HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED.

Problem: Not enough doctors in Malaysia
Solution: Get more private colleges to offer Medical degrees
Outcome: Too many sub standard doctors. Too many housemen.

 Problem: Too many colleges offering medicine
Solution: Stop issuing licenses to new colleges
Outcome: Still a lot of colleges offering medicine I tell you!

Problem: Housemen not given enough training
Solution: Extend housemanship to 2 years
Outcome: Too many housemen in hospitals

Problem: Housemen are overworked
Solution: Shift system
Outcome: Substandard medical officers

Is there a trend here? Is everything AWESOME? Each problem was given a short term solution. After some mumbo jambo grand solution is announced another problem crops up months later.
Now, please fill in the blank

Problem: Overcrowded and abuse of emergency departments
Solution: Get staff in local clinics to work shift
Outcome: ____________________________

Shouldn't we instead educate the public on what is an emergency and what is not? The Star did a wonderful job of highlighting the trouble with ED. But surat khabar terlaris di Malaysia bukanlah The Star but a newspaper which features Lima remaja terlampau di Hari Kekasih as front page news.

It is not that I am malas to work shifts but are we ready for it? If we don’t have the capacity for it, don’t do it. If there are only 4 MOs, 3 nurses and 3 MAs in a clinic, can it be done? If the nebulizer machine keeps on breaking down with no funds to fix or replace it are we ready? We can’t just dish out short term policies all the time.

As a Malaysian citizen, I am worried about where our healthcare is heading to. If there are no long term plans and solutions, our healthcare system may crumble. More bright minds will migrate elsewhere out of frustration. Unless the minist....oops, HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED consider medical staff as assets instead of expendables (not the Arnold Swarzer-susah nak eja type) people will just leave when they get a chance to.

Just a thought, Sir HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED

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  1. kkm macam2 masalah,tp jarang dgr dorang komplen. yg selalu dgr komplen dlm malaysia ni drpd pendidikan..

  2. Amirullamirhasnan: who are we to complain..d typical response we get is 'doctor is a noble profession,love your job & dont complain'..huhu


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