Jailed Just For An MC?

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Malaysian doctors....


If you know this song YOU ARE AWESOME!

It seems that our neighbour down south experiences the same problem as we do. Medical certificates or MC has been a duri dalam daging for doctors everywhere it seems. I haven't seen any assaults because of doctors refusing to give MCs....YET. But I have seen

1. Patients break glass doors and tables
2. Complaining to the hospital director
3. Reporting to politicians (but I have never seen them report to their employers)
4. Threatening to harm doctors

Maybe it didn't come out in the news because just saying "I want to slap you and pour chicken's blood on your face" is not considered as a threat which warrants a police report. You only make a police report if you HAVE been slapped with blood coming out of your nose.

With the public subjecting to physical abuse just to get something as trivial as a medical certificate, I wonder if it is really worth it? Work tirelessly day almost everyday (yes, with the extended hours to cope with Dengue). Neglect families at home. Having to work even with URTI symptoms just because there is no one available to cover the work. 

5 years of studying just to dish out MCs to people who don't deserve it. (Please bear in mind if YOU DESERVE an MC, DOCTORS WILL ISSUE IT WITHOUT HESITATION). Psychiatry isn't my favorite subject and not my specialty but I can smell a malingerer from miles a way.

Most common MC-litis pick up lines are:
1. Saya rasa macam panas badan saya tapi check depan tadi tak demam
2. Doktor, saya batuk...uhuk uhuk (fake cough) dah dua hari
3. Saya kerja harini tak pergi kerja sebab......(fill in the blank with BS) 

I don't know when people will learn that medical certificates are issued based on the doctors discretion. According to the doctors assessment. Sometimes, employers will call doctors to verify the MC. If it is not justified, how will the doctors explain to the employers? Nak doktor bayar balik gaji harian ke? 

Maybe in the future MCs can look like this:

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  1. People shud understand that its their right to get treatment..but its our rights to determine if they r sick enough and warrants an MC.simple cough n cold asking for 2days..whats gonna happen to this country.Drs are working despite being overworked..underpaid..n sickly at times.. people are becoming too demanding..n our employers are not putting the fight for us.the quote of customers are always right..is almost always wrong in this profession.

  2. Sometimes it's difficult when certain patient classes ask for MCs, like those with minor URTIs but work in factories which do not accept the 'surat pengesahan klinik', which is proof that you did come to the clinic, and it affects their pay in the process. Also when sometimes employers ask patients to stay home and rest and take an MC, but are technically well enough to work. Pfft.

  3. In private sector, our MC is locked in a cupboard and only nurse in charge can have access to it because they scare that we nurses steal it and sell it outside. Kan Cool if everyone doing this? Can tell patient: itu missy kunci MC kat dalam locker, tak boleh bagi.

  4. Patient texting and playing with her phone before consultation and appears EXTREMELY comfortable
    Patient: I'm having period pain
    Me: Oh ok. *check BP: 100/74 mmHg* Hmm strange, people in pain usually have high BP and don't appear so comfortable. It's ok. I'll give you something for your pain
    Patient: I need an MC
    Me: No MC for period pain. Sorry
    Patient: But if you don't give me an MC I cannot drive
    Me: How did you get here?
    *terus diam for 2 seconds*
    Patient: I drove here but I stay very near (padahal tinggal 30 minutes away)
    Me: Sorry no MC
    Patient at the counter: What's the doctor's name?
    I went to the counter and spelt out my name and wrote: came for period pain expecting an MC but very comfortable
    The way I see it, she either gives that time slip with my little love note on it or not give anything and explain not going to work :)


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