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Anyone could easily Google these terms and suddenly everyone can master anaemia....and EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

Unlike building Lego blocks, everything is NOT awesome when it comes to real life hypovolaemic shock secondary to post partum haemorrhage. The main difference between between a houseman, medical officer and a specialist is EXPERIENCE.

Lately, there is a trend to take everything in their own hands. Refusing to be treated by doctors in the name of being more natural. In my humble opinion, giving birth should be as natural as possible. Through my observation at the labour room, the decision to intervene in a delivery can sometimes be too early. However the reason is that DOCTORS WANT TO BE SAFE. In the end, our main objective is to SAVE THE MOTHER FIRST, then the baby. On the other end of the spectrum, there are mothers to be who opt for elective Cesarean section and BTL even though it is not indicated.

It should also be noted that efforts are in place in government hospitals to allow newborns to bond with their parents the moment the babies are deemed fit by placing the newborns on the mother's chest and subsequently breast feed the babies. Most hospitals are also implementing breastfeeding friendly policies. Most new hospitals also has suites that are husband friendly.

Back to the three signs mentioned earlier. These are important signs of anaemia. The terms might be simple, but sometimes even housemen can't identify if patient is in hypovolaemic shock. If housemen can't identify it, how can a regular non medical husband know if his wife is in shock?

How pale is pale?
Who will measure the blood pressure and pulse rate?
Where can he get blood for transfusion?...never mind that, how will he insert a branula at home?

I will not condemn the groups pushing for natural birth. Just try not to do it at home. Discuss with your obstetrician first. Giving birth is a high risk process. Memang mak nenek dulu dulu selamat je lahir kat rumah. But just have a look at the maternal rate back then. Your mak nenek were the survivors. Medical knowledge has advanced leaps and bounds since then.

UK Statistics
Please, before you commit to home delivery please understand the risk. Discuss with your doctors.

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