You Are The Reason Why Ambulances Are Late

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I don't usually read Utusan Malaysia for various personal reasons but this piece of article by Unit Khas Utusan Malaysia deserves due credit...regardless of ideologies, when someone deserves some credit you praise them. Bravo to the team!

The whole team actually tagged along with the drivers and paramedics to see for themselves how tedious it was to get to an emergency site. Generally, Malaysians don't behave so well on the roads. The stress levels of trying to make other drivers give way in Malaysian traffic can drive most people insane.

Not too long ago, there was an issue raised by the public regarding the abuse of ambulance sirens by ambulance drivers. Apparently some people have seen the ambulance drivers blaring their horns and sirens just to get pass traffic for their own convenience. What those drivers did is totally wrong and I don't condone it. But isn't it better to assume that the blaring sirens are real emergencies rather than assume that the drivers are playing a bluff? If you give way, a life might be saved but if you don't,  some one might die.

Somehow, Malaysians' logic can sometimes be 'ting-tong'. I once went to a hypermarket. Just when I was about to step foot in it, the fire alarm went off. I stopped in my tracks, turned around and walked to the open car park. I thought I walked too fast then. I was the only ONE near the tempat berkumpul. Maybe everyone else was literally walking calmly to the gathering fact, all these other people were TOO CALM. Too calm in fact that they were not bothered by the sirens....pekak ke diorang ni? It just shows how Malaysians like to assume....assume in a negative way. They assumed that it was just a drill or the alarm malfunctioned. Although they were correct that time, but 1000 people could have easily perished if it was a real fire.

Here are my list of TOP 3 things Malaysians like to assume:
1. All facts on Facebook are REAL (it should be FALSE UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE)
2. Get 1000 likes on Facebook and some one can be cured
3. Assume that everything I suffer from is an emergency...even a fever of 1 hour onset (always about me, me, me!)

You can add on that list if you want. I have a few more in my mind....tapi takut nak letak. Nanti polis cari! (coz it has to do with a particular vegetable).

Lets get back to the point, ambulances need to get to the victim's aid as fast as possible. There is golden hour for everything. A person's potential to survive a cardiac arrest can be greatly affected by how fast an Advance Life Support protocol can be started. An accident victim with blood loss can have a chance of survival with early blood transfusion.

Be alert when you are on the road. Constantly look up behind you from your rear view mirrors. Look out for any ambulances or fire trucks that need a right of way. The next time you abuse the emergency lane, think about how you can be the reason why a patient died because of the delay in getting treatment. That patient inside the ambulance can be your loved ones.

Stop thinking about how others can benefit you but start thinking on how you can benefit others. The following video shows how Germans react to an ambulance. See how different they are compared to us Malaysians. Fikir fikir kan lah.

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  1. "have a few more in my mind....tapi takut nak letak. Nanti polis cari! (coz it has to do with a particular vegetable)."

    Oh do you mean a certain vegetable that starts with the letter 'K'? It's already out of trend (but still so fun to provoke!) so totally safe to say now... maybe. :p

    I was in the Red Crescent during the heydays of undergraduate studies; thus one of the few lucky enough to enjoy a ride at the front of an ambulance speeding down a congested road with the siren on. Needless to say some gave way without a hassle, some just dilly dally their way, and some won't make way at all. Typical Malaysians.

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