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"Hi kids, its that time again. A Monday before a public holiday. Come over to the nearest clinic for MC MEGA SALE! Do remember to irritate your attending doctor and maximize your RM 1 fee. What are you waiting for, come over NOW"

Terms and conditions apply. Result may vary.

MC, I like!

Seriously, working on a Monday in between a holiday is BAD. What was worse, was I myself had a fever and runny nose. Terrible URTI. Imagine yourself in my position. I can't take MC because it will cause the clinic to run at snail's pace. My colleagues will suffer with one less MO. Half of the cases would, "Doctor,nak minta MC"......before giving any Salam, greetings or telling me the chief complaint. How am supposed to diagnose without a chief complaint. I wish I can just write..

"A highly contagious and debilitating disease. It is terminal with no hope of finding a cure. Finding a cure will be rewarded with a Nobel Prize"

I have not much to say other than I am tired of dishing out MCs for trivial reasons. Of course, if it is warranted, no problem. Here are some tips to ensure that you get an MC.

1. Pour hot water into ear because drinking hot water before a visit won't work anymore. By the way, do read up before trying to pull a bluff. 
Patient:  I had a fever this morning. I checked with my thermometer.
Me:       What was the value?
Patient: .....(long pause).....37 degrees.

Wrong answer dude!

Most centers use ear thermometer...cuba la curah air panas!

2. Break a leg...literally. A broken bone is a sure way of getting an MC. A week at least!

3. Force yourself to vomit until you get'll know it when you feel weak.

4. Look like you are in pain when doctors examine your abdomen. Do it well enough and you will get a laparotomy!

Please, don't take this seriously. DO NOT do any of the above. This is just a blog post after a tiring, frustrating day at work. Nak lepaskan emosi je. I am at no way responsible for any injuries as a result of reading this post.

Here's an ingenious cartoon clip from NHS UK regarding use of A&E. Enjoy!

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