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I am frustrated. Frust menonggeng. I just wasted 5 years of my life studying nonsense. All those times spent reading Physiology, Anatomy and Pharmacology was for nothing. I spent 2 years as a houseman for what? Just look at this picture!

I spent months understanding how the liver works, the breakdown of blood cells and bilirubin metabolism. I spent hours every morning every time I was on call in Paediatrics to get serum bilirubin. And this lady just told me she gave her newborn child some QUADRUPLE stem cell to her baby and her baby is CURED from neonatal jaundice?! What a waste of my time! And she claims to be getting five figure incomes by selling this thing….I haven’t even reached RM 10 K per month!

How on earth did I study stem cells and precursor cells in Histology and Haematology and miss out on the fact that someone figured out that we can swallow MULTI-DUPLE stem cells and it WILL NOT DENATURE and multiply and help CREATE new healthy cells and CURE hypertension, diabetes, renal failure and cancer. Memang ubat AJAIB!

Jokes aside, the level of stupidity has reached dizzying heights. It’s ok for adults to take whatever nonsense. It’s your body; you decide the outcome of your health. I just told off one of my patients last week.

Me:  Your sugar and blood pressure is not control la pakcik. I have seen you 3 times and your previous records also indicate poor control. The previous doctors gave you an appointment to see FMS and suggested for insulin. Are you taking your medications?

Pakcik: I have been taking this XXX I bought from someone. I didn’t take any of your medications. Pakcik takut, if I take too many of these anti hypertension and diabetes medications my kidneys will fail.

Me: Your kidneys memang dah out. You don’t have to worry about that. Your urea is 12 and creatinine 300. If you don’t want to take your medications, don’t waste my time and resources. Give back the remaining medications that you have to my pharmacist and you don’t have to come to any more appointments. You can say bila nak mati tu, mati la. Death may be the easy way out. But when you get stroke and lose the ability to take care of yourself or get end stage renal failure, don’t blame doctors. You can call your supplier and blame them.

Did someone tell this guy this his diastolic BP is still high?!

In the case of giving some sort of medication to a new born child….ARE YOU CRAZY?! Kononnya they want to avoid “chemicals” inside their child. Can someone please tell me what the contents in those sachets are? Are there any studies done to determine the safety? Which one is safer really; phototherapy which requires no oral intake of any sort of chemicals or some MULTI-DUPLE stem cell which needs to be consumed?

It’s common for parents to blame modern medicine for any sort of development problems they encounter in life.

“Dia cacat macam ni lepas kene cucuk masa kecil dulu. Doktor cucuk, terus jadi macam ni”

Cucuk apa?....tak tau

Did the doctor suggest for a lumbar puncture to determine the cause of high grade fever with fits?

“Ada,tapi saya taknak. DENGAR ORANG LAIN CAKAP nanti boleh cacat”

Never in their right mind did they consider that DENGAR ORANG LAIN CAKAP was the cause of the retardation instead of the doctor cucuk.

I don’t want to affect other people’s periuk nasi. It’s OK to sell supplements. But DON’T make out-of-this-world claims. And people, PLEASE do not trust these products 100%. You can take all the supplements you want but please DISCUSS with your doctors. These products are COMPLEMENTARY medicine. Take them with your regular medicine. And PLEASE don’t subject your child to HARMFUL EXPERIMENTS just to show that your product works. The effects of your actions may not be seen now, but in the future.

I can imagine Doraemon coming out with PIL AJAIB MASAH HADAPAN!

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  1. "Your urea is 12 and creatinine 300"

    holy shit. That pakcik's kidneys...goodbye kidneys, nice knowin ya

    Btw, nice post - got linked here from Say No To MLM facebook. I was pissed too seeing that testimony saying "it cured my baby's neonatal jaundice". Hahaha, this is beyond retardation

  2. ��MLM ? They do never care for the effects to you in the future. They only care for their money. Wei, tipu la kau ikhlas nak tolong orang hidup dalam keadaan sihat. 1 only thing that they care: UNTUNG .

  3. Sadly this somewhat quadruplet stemcell thingy is being promoted by doctors as well...mana public tak percaya *sighs*

  4. I have nothing against MLM. Some of their products are good & are backed up by proper studies. Its just the ridiculous claims of TREATING diseases that is absurd. Supplements are just SUPPLEMENTARY, NOT a cure

  5. These supplements are endorsed and publised freely not only in the social media but also in televesion as well as radio.Social media we can't control but radio n TV station?? Goverment pun tak control, KKM silent.... These stations get huge profit from the advertisement and air time. It' s a win-win situation for them n the suppliers but for the public there is still no guarantee it works. Letih dah... tiap2 tahun buat awareness programme but they still come late stage....

  6. no need to get frustrated.
    we have the knowledge...our duty is not just to treat but more to educate.cases like that pakcik is just a normal phenomena in medicine esp chronic to people like him make them happy,you'll be happy too.

  7. I agree with Ieda..dont frust mok..normal la tu..our job as a doctor..its not patient's fault that the pakcik succumb to multiple super duper cells, Its our failure as a doctor to educate/ to explain / to tekel / to instil beliefs to the pakcik that we are the one they should trust, not the sweet talking MLM businesswoman/man.Peace

  8. Totally agree...supplement not to cure diseases..there are suplementary.
    Consumers should be well educated to understand the terms. If indeed you require supplement...choose d one clinically safe & read d product disclaimer correctly

    Note: this product is not for diagnose, trestment or prevention of diseases

  9. Despite me being MOfrust, I am currently happy with the way I am. I am not depressed. My way of writing is normally filled with sarcasm and some degree of "merepek" ness. So don't be worried. I love blogging :)

  10. Suppliments tidak menyembuhkan, ubatan doktor juga tidak menyembuhkan. Masing2 sekadar berusaha atas keupayaan masing2, samada melalui perubatan moden mahupun 'perubatan alternative'. Sesungguhnya yg menyembuhkan adalah Allah, The One & Only.

  11. what do u think about this?

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  14. I think reading about some of these humans almost make my ears bleed... you doctors sure have high endurance, I really respect you all.


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