Housemanship: A Disgruntled Parent

8:13 AM

DEAR Pengarah,

We would like to draw your attention to the above subject. Housemans are HUMAN LIKE YOU AND NOT SLAVE MEANT TO BE "KILLED AND BULLIED"; PARTICULARLY IN XXXX hospital. For every posting, they are treated worst than slave, ask to work from 6am till 10-11.00 pm non stop especially in certain wards throughout their housemanships. No sundays and public holidays continuosly for around two weeks non- stop even without lunch and dinner break. Just skipping in between time of rest. Only coming back home middle of the night. After bathing and cleaning themselves with painful legs and blister toes and feet, its almost 1p.m. Sleeping just merely for 3-4 hours, the next day without mercy and cruelty to meet the dirctive, ask them to repeat the routine continuosly for around 2 weeks.

You department want to "kill" your own staff until they break down? Why are you people so cruel and without mercy. Are you people still have human heart? or you people these young doctors as robot directing them at your whim and fancy in the name of public responsibility and accountability to perfect the health of every patients and make them live forever and sacrificing and killing the live of houseman!

Why are you people in authority so cruel, inhuman and unmerciful in discharging your authority bullying the young professionals like this. Your lame excuse is your department is under staff or giving them training them to be tuff and independent. Are you telling me that 8-10hrs of working is insufficient. Let me tell you, even if you ask them to work for 24 hours a day and 365days a year will never ever be enough.

Common, be human, dont be unemphatical with others and act like "devil" in the name of providing good healthcare services to the public. Be merciful and considerate to others. You people have taken away their weekend and public holidays and proper rest. Do know how much agony and pain have you done to their lives. Many have quit and even cry almost every night causing so much pain, stress and tension. Are you telling me that life as a doctor? No,No.

Its the system you are praticing and how you execute them.Are you saying if yiou cant stand, quit, is it? You do first and we follow, that my challenge. You know how much time, sacrifices, finances etc have we pour in? You people are in health department, taking care of people health and wellbeing. We need enough rest, holidays and proper meal. These are the things you people teach to the public, right? Where is your own etiquette for you own staf. They are your scarifice offering to uphold your department.right?

What,s a shame and cruel and inhumane department. You better change your department to "Jabatan Kesesatan' WHERE all your healthcare is channel only to the public and deprive your "own" staff health and life. We, as parents condemn strongly your current practices of asking your houseman to work like slave and robot without allowing them proper lunch,dinner and night rest. They are not working robot but human who need proper rest and conducive working environment. Go and Check XXXX hospital and see if you can catch the "devil behind" who implement and execute and practice this system.

Teach health to your own staff first before you teach health to the public. Otherwise We parents hold you and your department responsible for the wellbeing of our children. Thank you. We hope we stop here and not proceeding to the media and so on.

I got this letter off FB a few weeks back. Apparently a parent sent this letter to the Hospital Director. I copied and pasted it as a whole. I only altered the XXXX at the hospital name. When I first read this, I thought to myself…..I thought my ENGRISSH was bad, but this is much more badder (worse)!

Anyways, I am unable to verify the exact origins of this letter, whether it was really written by a disgruntled parent or just a HO with too much time in their hand.
...unfortunately I can't have one of these at the ward.

Housemanship WAS terrible. The long hours on call. The constant fear of getting extended in a posting. The multitasking. The screams and shouts from superiors.  H.O meant HAMBA ORANG.  The treatment of HO has been like this since the “DURING MY TIMEs”. There are certain aspects in the training that has to be fine tuned and adjusted as it is not perfect at all. I personally feel that extending the working hours from 60 hours to 75 hours per week won’t do much good as it is not the working hours that are lacking but proper training.

Looking back, I think my housemanship was a great experience. You may be treated like rubbish sometimes, but as you work your way up and get better in what you do the superiors will treat you better. I learned a lot during my housemanship. You will never know how to prioritize work during medical school. It is during HOship that I learned how to prioritize my work such as which patients that need to be attended to first. Which procedures are more important. The more time spent on the job, better decision will be made in the future....even at the worst circumstances.

I have seen some juniors absconding from work after just 3 days of tagging. I think that is “natural selection”.  If you can’t deal with HOship, the medical profession is really NOT for you. Better quit earlier on than becoming an MOfrust menonggeng.

For parents out there, please don’t interfere too much on your child’s work. It is good that you are concerned but there are other ways to show your concern such as visiting them often and providing encouragement. By sending letters like this to the authorities it just shows that your child lacks the confidence and can’t face the world. Before you enroll your child in medical school, do let them know regarding the realities of life. Just because a child scores good result, doesn’t mean that the child is “DOCTOR” material. It takes more than just grades.  This harsh training makes a doctor stronger and able to face all sorts of obstacles throughout their career.


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  1. hi u dah MO eh. after HO if kita nak cuti setahun b4 MO boleh ker?

  2. Haha! I gone through my HOship in the same hospital. Not too bad. In medical posting I was the only HO in charge of 2 wards of 100 patients at one time.

  3. O, Mummies, so sorry for your little babies who have had so much pains. But when you show that to them, they will start softening all inside. By the end of 2 years you have done them the disservice of not allowing them to blossom into realistic and competent clinician. You should have not allowed them to go into medicine.

  4. banyak lemak. sekarang dah berlambak ho dah boleh buat shift pun komplen? time aku dulu kalau dapat 6 orang ho satu department pun kira luxury.

  5. stupid parents!
    why on earth took up medicine ?
    stupid stupid stupid!!!

    if your child complaits, just quit and sell bananas!!!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. hey how's HOship in Taiping Hosp? =)

  8. Ahh... I hope I could do my prp at hospital taiping


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