Breaking News: The Most Absurd Complain...yet

9:28 AM

Seriously, what is a A&E doctor supposed to do with a complaint like this:

Right ear seems longer than left ear for many years. Claims due to father pulling his ear since young. 

QUICK someone call Dr House MD....!

Come ON! Seriously, coming to A&E during peak hour for a problem that has been there for the past year. It sounds better in Bahasa Malaysia:

Telinga sebelah lagi panjang sebab ayah selalu pulas telinga

Imagine having other patients with potential pneumonia or acute coronary syndrome having to line up behind this guy. I would suggest the Makciks and Aunties behind this guy sue this fella for misusing A&E. Sometimes I ask myself; Why am I seeing cases like this?

Well, in Malaysia....politicians have the say in EVERYTHING. Even when it is not their area of expertise. There are instances when some big shot will call up the zones in A&E to speak to a Medical Officer just to tell them off why patients have to wait so long to get admitted. Thanks for your concern Mr Big Shot but
1. Wards are ALWAYS full. Just read this Bed Shortage At Older Government Hospitals
2. It is beyond the MOs control....go call the wards! If we have time, we will take all efforts to clear off the zones.
3. Why are you wasting precious time by pestering the MO who has to see other patients? Some Big Shots go to the extent of calling MO's handphones....and when patients see the MO talking on the phone, they will complain that MOs are not doing their jobs properly but goyang kaki.

I have no idea how to treat that poor guy's ear though. I'm not sure if referring to an ENT surgeon or plastic surgeon will help though. I definitely think it is NOT an emergency. Maybe pulling the other ear a few more years will help...but I am no expert in ear pulling.

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  1. Plan:
    1. Left ear pulling tds/prn x 5 years
    2. Stop right ear pulling stat
    3. TCA KK in 5 years

  2. The correct diagnosis is excessive masturbating. Tell the patient not more than once a day. 3 times a week. Should see improvement within the same month. You're welcome.

  3. mohon share lawak jenaka tak lucu ni..kalau saya jadi MO a&E akan saya panggil polis A&E humbankan saja mamat tu dalam lokap sebab buang masa

  4. God....if baboon got brain, dey wont even come for complaint like dat...x macho nyer

  5. suruh pakcik makcik yg tunggu turn kat belakang tu pakat2 pulas telinga dia yg satu lg sampai sama panjang...hehehe...
    seriously...saya akan cakap kat dia.."ni bhg kecemasan..kes kamu bukan kecemasan..sila balik dulu & esok jumpa doktor kat pesakit luar.ada ramai lg yg betul2 sakit yg perlu saya rawat"..(tapi confirmlah dlm hati maki hamun..)

  6. Well hello to all of you. I understand that the work stress in government hospitals can sometimes be overwhelming. But do you think that (no matter how absurd the complaint is) your patient(s) deserve(s) to be spoke of, laughed at, or mocked in this way? Even though there are no names mentioned here, but as medical professionals, is this the way to behave towards the people who put their genuine worry into your hands? Mere gossiping among your peers PROBABLY would be OKAY to some extent, but even so, some would frown upon it. But to blatantly exhibit their complaint like this? And have all of your peers openly join in the fun? C'mon guys... What ever happened to Patient & Family Rights?

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  8. @ Aaron Chang -- It's wrong and unprofessional for tired workers to complain about their work but it's ok for people to make generalized statements and bash up doctors? Patients like the one mentioned above take up time that could be used for a more ill patient. The doctors are not making fun or laughing at the patient, they are just trying to educate people like you on A&E services i.e accident and EMERGENCY

    1. It is okay to complain about work. We all do. But do you think what was said up there are REALLY educating people? Or put on display to show off their ridiculousness? You REALLY think this is the way to educate people?

      And please. The very minute someone bash up doctors or any other medical professionals OPENLY like this, rest assured, I'll be the one to stand up. Because the hospital is where I work too.


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