2013: A Journey Of Discovery

5:33 AM

Open close, open close eyes, finish already 2013 (pejam celik, pejam celik dah habis dah 2013)!

2013 has been a journey of discovery for me. I never thought my writing can get so much attention as I am neither good in English nor Bahasa Melayu. To date, MOfrust.blogspot.com had more than 150,000 visits. The first post was back in August, when I wrote about the plight of a doctor (Being A Doctor). This blog was meant to portray how life as a regular Medical Officer is. At that point in time, I was frustrated. I didn't really enjoy work. I had so many thoughts in mind. A lot of my colleagues had the same issues. I just thought it would be nice to share with the public. I was fed up with the one sided opinions in the media, blaming medical staff for everything.

The so called BANE MASK was to protect my identity....KONON LA. People somehow still recognize me behind that mask. I get MOs who I never met in my life saying

"Macam kenal je muka (dan badan besar gedabak) ni!"

 It wasn't really necessary but I was still over the moon by how good The Dark Knight Rises was and it just so happens that I dressed up as a cheapo Bane during a costume dinner party.

"No one cared who I was until I put on the mask"

A body like this in 2014 perhaps?
Thank you to all my readers. Thank you for all the comments, be it favorable or unfavorable. I appreciate all of you.

On another note, 2013 will be a year I will remember all my life for making a paradigm shift....FINANCIALLY.

Before 2013, I was a mediocre person. I had a job, a family and a comfortable life. It all changed in December 2012 when I decided to buy my first property. Back then, I had no idea what stamp duty, legal fee etc. was. I only had enough for 10% deposit! Basically I had no KNOWLEDGE.

Then, I picked up Azizi Ali's How To Become A Property Millionaire book....my journey to financial literacy began. One book lead to another. From there I got a few mentors to guide me in the right direction. Prior to 2013, I had only ONE income...ACTIVE income. Now, I am able to understand the other sources of income:

1. Active Income: Basic salary from my regular job
2. Passive Income: Getting paid even when goyang kaki....income from property rental
3. Side Income: Other sources of income such as locums.

The old me would have never have thought of buying a condominium in Kuala Lumpur. I would be telling myself 


The old me would have also said

"Buying land or property sure untung PUNYA. Asset ni"

Nowadays, unless it makes money as in PASSIVE INCOME, it is not an asset to me but a LIABILITY. Now the terms capital appreciation, positive cashflow, tenantabilty and location comes to play. 

The recently, I had a chance to invest in stocks. I strongly disagree with the term "MAIN saham" as it is no child's play. Emotion is your biggest enemy. My first foray was in a major oil and gas initial public offering. My return of investment was 20% within a month. But if I had kept my emotion in check, I could have made 46%.

IPOs in 2014

This was my journey in 2013. I am no smart guy and I am NOT a specialist in any of the fields I have mentioned. There's still so much to learn, so much to read....outside of my profession. I still have a stack of books I bought from The Big Bad Wolf book sale I haven't read. At this point in time, I have lost interest in medicine. I am still a Medical Officer because I intend to fulfill my contractual obligations. Will I rekindle my interest in medicine later on? Only God will know. I will plot a different path now.

Will I still be MOfrust? The 'brand' will stay, but I wish to "UN-frust" myself later on. My passion to write will still remain.

I am still MOfrust

To all my readers, 


I wish you all the best.....will we meet again NEXT YEAR (esok je pun) :)

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