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6:54 AM

When I first read the headline, I thought to myself... Housemanship IS a 2 years Bootcamp for medical officers. What happened to the final clinical years while at medical school anyway?

My MBBS degree consisted of 2 pre clinical years followed by 3 clinical years. It is during these clinical years that things started to make sense. You can read all you want about hypertension & diabetes but it is not the same as applying all that knowledge by clerking & examining patients. The term "the patient is your text book " still holds till today....I am ever so grateful to my lecturers. And it is during my clinical years that I was able to see how it was to have on calls. I still remember how it was to follow my lecturer doing rounds & doing hand surgery at 4 am. It was a wonderful experience. Studying medicine wasn't easy but I cherish every bit of it...even through the darkest hours.

That was 4 years ago. Now, the enthusiasm is gone. The white knight I intended to be (I.e. Doctor) is gone. MOfrust rises. I love my patients. I am happy whenever they get better. I am happy whenever patients come back with better sugar & blood pressure control after adjusting their medications.

Things go bad when patients refuse to follow treatment, then accuse doctors of not doing their job. When a diabetic foot needs amputation, it's the doctors fault although they have been advised on the risk of poor sugar control. When doctors advice patient to stop smoking & refrain from sexual promiscuity, doctors are told to mind their own business. That's the reality. The ever increasing numbers of medical lawsuit is putting a dent on my interest to treat patients as well. At the end of a shift I just want to make sure I don't get sued.

My advice to aspiring doctors out there is to think properly about your choices. It is not a bed of roses. Just go through my blog posts. Comments like "just do what you are paid to do" puts a dent in your morale. Yes, I live a comfy life. I don't have to worry about my next meal. I am grateful for that. But am I happy with my work?....colleagues, please answer this question sincerely for me. Please leave a comment on what you think....

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  1. Not one comment from other doctors out there... seems like it's not an easy topic. I can only wish you good luck & be strong...


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