The Wolverine Inside of Me

8:13 AM

Have you ever had to grit your teeth and suppress the Wolverine inside of you? Being so angry but there is nothing much you can do? I had one incident today. I am not really an angry person. But when things get to annoying I can really go out of control. Thankfully nothing one got hurt.

  • Unruly, out of bed hair..................check
  • Sweat dripping all over the place....check
  • Unshaved beard for a week...........check
  • 10 years
What was missing were the claws!
Can you see the similarities with MOfrust?
I have a soft spot with children, especially babies. I can NOT understand how some parents just don't listen to doctors advice for the sake of their children. I have adjusted some aspects of the scenario so as not to affect the confidentiality of my patients.

I saw a neonate today with high bilirubin, more than the photolevel. In other words, this baby requires phototherapy to prevent further build up of biliribin which can lead to BRAIN DAMAGE and DEATH. I spent 15 minutes explaining the risk to both parents....their response was 

"Satu hari saja lagi doctor. Esok masuk wad boleh la"

"Kepala hotak hang!" I wish I could have said that. I politely said no and explained again on the risk involved.

They wish to bring the patient to the baby themselves. I quickly arranged for a bed for them at a nearby hospital and off they went.......I WISH!

After 6 hours, my staff contacted the hospital and THE BABY WAS NEVER ADMITTED. We tried calling the mother's phone but no one picked up! Fearing for the worse, I arranged to visit their house myself. I almost exploded when the father came out and said...

"I am getting ready to send my baby. I had to fix my car just now"


Since when did the car become more important than the future of an innocent child? If adults tell me they don't want treatment, I would be happy to let them sign on the AT OWN RISK DISCHARGE form. It's your life, I did the best that I can. But a CHILD? I can never have the heart to tell them


The child is innocent. The child can't think and decide. Furthermore, if anything happens, the blame would be on the attending doctor and all related staff. I can imagine.....

"HARIAN ME**O: Doktor menyebabkan anak  kerencat akal"

Most of the time, when things go wrong the public will never blame themselves but ALWAYS others.

The take home message is this. I did not go through 1st year medical school learning this...
.....just to let some stubborn parent ruin a child's future. Please, when doctors show concern please kindly follow our advice. It is OK to get a second opinion but please prioritize. 

Life versus your car? Please think...

Instead of "I killed my brother", it could be "I killed my baby"....from a famous TV ad back in those days.

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