No Jobs For Medical Graduates

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It has been very quiet lately. I was rather busy this past week. I had issues that needed to be resolved. Future prospects to consider...which I will share in due time. I don't subscribe to NST due to my personal views regarding its contents but my colleagues shared this on Facebook.

No Jobs For Medical Grads Next Year

The issue of excess medical graduates has cropped up multiple times. Even during my medical student days, I have heard of this. As the Malays say it rasa nak muntah dengor nye!

Every year when SPM or STPM results come out, parents will complain that there aren't enough places for their kids to do medicine. Parents will complain to politicians and these politicians will play hero and tell universities to increase their intakes for medical courses. Basic economics dictates that when there is demand, there will be supply. Any business minded person can see this opportunity, thus private medical universities flourish. However, the institution where a doctor studies does not determine 100% whether the doctor is good or not. ATTITUDE is the most important factor.

I am not a politician nor an educationist. I am not really sure what are the measures that has been taken. Not so long ago I heard that there was supposed to be a freeze on new medical universities. But I guess winter didn't last long.....ku sangkakan sejuk sampai ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari (I think its supposed to mean something). Barely a year later I saw a private university offering medicine from behind a shopping mall.

I DO agree that there are to many housemen around, compared to the old days. And I DO agree that hands on training has reduced dramatically. However, MOs have a different story to tell. In the old days (dah tua konon), HOs were literally treated as Hamba Orang. Anything goes wrong HOs fault. A patient fell from the bed, HO salah. Toilet rosak, HO salah. But now, its always the MO's fault. MOs are expected to do everything. A "6th poster" (please pardon the English) screws up and give INTRAVENOUS voltaren, the MO is at fault because of not observing the HO even though the whole zone is like a mad house. Blood results not traced in time..its MOs fault. I am one out of the many thousands of MOfrusts out there.

In addition to this blame game, MOs are always given the run around "UNTUK KEPENTINGAN PERKHIDMATAN". Not too long ago, new MOs in Klang Valley had a blanket directive. Once you complete housemanship, you have to serve outside the Klang Valley. All new MOs had to be kicked out of Klang Valley. Then one fine day, there was not enough MO in Klang Valley. Those who love to live away from KL were instead asked to serve in Klang Valley.


Enough with the emo stuff. In conclusion, a carreer in medical field is not as rosy as it used to be. Automatic employment is NOT guaranteed. Please think carefully before getting your child or yourself into medicine. I have met a few people who obtained MBBS or MD just to please their parents....after getting the degree they don't even bother working as doctors. They become businessmen and investors. I adore these guys....if only I have the opportunity to do so....

It's a rather pictureless post. So, just enjoy this pic I took recently. I LOVE XPERIA Z1 (Sony, please give me some commission if your sales suddenly shoot up!)

Bring it on Sony!

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  3. Just stumbled into this post and I didn't realize that it's been a while when I browse here in the comment section. Well, there may not be that many job openings in the medical industry but I know for sure that MOs are still much needed. If not much in Malaysia but surely somewhere else where the pay can even be much higher :).


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