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As mentioned in my earlier post, I have been rather busy lately. The thought of leaving government service has always been on my mind. When opportunity comes your way, you should try and strike it while it is still hot. It is easier said than done though. Those familiar with Robert T. Kiyosaki's books will be familiar with his QUADRANT. I am in an environment where I have been preconditioned to be an EMPLOYEE. The mantra is:

Study hard, get into university, get a job in government sector, get pension = great life

Read his books!

When attempting to make drastic changes in life, there are so many things that need to be considered. It is harder when you have wife and kids to think about. Their future is at stake  as well. Opportunity was knocking at my door recently. An offer to work at a private center.  I was initially eager to jump ship but I had a few issues to consider:

1. My contract was for 10 years. Breach of contract would mean forking out RM 250K, regardless of how long I have served. I have met some who breached the contract and was never bothered by JPA. Out of 10 who breached the contract, 1 will be tracked down and have to pay RM 250K. I have heard that there is an option for payment by installments but it was not in the original contract. Being that 10% wasn't an option, unless I get paid 3 - 4 times my original salary.

2. Jumping ship would mean that I would have to move from a relatively quiet town with low cost of living to a city with high crime rate, high cost of living and worse traffic. RM 450 versus RM 1500 for a decent unfurnished double storey house. That's more than triple the rate!

3. Risk of getting separated from my wife and kids as my wife still had to work. My experience of getting a transfer was BAD. EIGHT months just to make a decision. I had to make multiple calls and they even offered me a place that I did not want at all, although so many others requested to be posted there. When I asked the district health director regarding the workforce in that district....

"We have been requesting for additional MOs for the past 1 year"

Imagine having to go through the same runaround while being separated. This might be trivial to some people, but it is not an option for me.

I even went as far as drafting a resignation letter. For those unfamiliar with the procedure of resigning from a government department, you can get the guideline from JPA's website.

If you resign by giving 30 days notice, there won't be any penalty but if you resign within 24 hours you will have to pay a month's pay as penalty.

I have since moved on. No point looking at the past. Its time to plan ahead for the future. My aim is to get into the S & I segment in the future. If I had no commitments, it would have been an obvious choice. Why stay in a place where you are not wanted. Not needed. The public sees that there is too many government servants around. Putting a heavy strain on tax payer's money. I would be happy to leave if you ask me. Now, I am still stuck in status quo. Opportunities come and go. I am waiting for the perfect opportunity to come. 

For now I AM......MOfrust

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  1. Dilemma always make me stuck in the middle and at the end, I am the who suffer the lost.
    No pain, no gain. All the best! :)


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