YOUR Rights and OUR Rights

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Its been a rather dry week lately. Couldn't find much material to write about. The recent A-G Report release has been really HOT!!! But I will refrain from commenting on it until I go through the full report so that I won't be biased. I'll leave the discussion to the Specialoids on Facebook for now. The US Shutdown on 1st October was also big in the news (but NOT in Sinar Harian and Metro). I can't comment much on that either as I'm still struggling to understand the whole issue and how it will effect Malaysia (I'm still scratching my head when reading The Edge). 

Let's cut to the chase. Take some time to see this video. I'm sure most of my readers have seen it some time last week. I am glad most of the comments are in support of the men in blue :) .....Some of you may also have seen the "Bini Mat Yo" video too. I won't share it here as I think that is too personal.

Please proceed with an open mind. I will respect any views and opinions other than my own with an open mind. Personally, I think the lady behind the wheel has minimal understanding of her rights. She might be trying to prove something but by the way I see it...she is just being an ass. If you have done something wrong, just admit it and take the ticket. You can jot down the police officer's name and their plate numbers but please RESPECT the police officer.

Yes, there are so many incidences of bribery and intimidation by police officers but that police officer has his RIGHT. By right you can be charged in court for 'obstructing a government officer from discharging his duty'. His right is to be respected. You can't just scribble on an official document (saman tu). Just sign and go. Pay your saman and don't pay duit kopi.

The act of not respecting others has been so rampant. Even hospital staff are not spared. Somehow there is very high incidences of a VERY terminal and debilitating disease which is NOT TREATABLE by modern medicine. It is STUPIDITY....ok la, maybe illiteracy can be a contributing factor. Please look at the following picture.

If you can read it and understand it....

I like..... (say it like Borat)
Good, you don't have STUPID-itis. How can it be so difficult to understand? You can't snap photos in the hospital. When staffs tells them off nicely....." It's my right!"
Are you mad? YOUR right? What about the rights of other patients, other staff. They are people too. They have rights too. They need to have their privacy. Stop this selfishness. The reason why you can't snap photos in the hospital is to preserve the right of other patients. The main reason is NOT to hide something from the public. By the way, please also turn off your phone when in hospital or clinic. Your ringtone is irritating and you talk too loud!

To ALL government servants, YOU are NOT a servant. You are an employee of the taxpayers. You are not to be treated as slaves but as a HUMAN being. Your bosses sometimes may just angguk kepala and not hear your side of the story. But remember, somewhere out there, there will be someone who appreciate your work. Just make sure you do your job properly. Do what is entrusted upon you humbly and responsibly. Don't lose your guns or drop it in the ocean.....oooppps, tak leh tahan nak tulis jugak.hehe

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