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Today I met a patient who has lost her sixth sense...her COMMON sense. As the saying goes,

"Common sense is not so common anymore"

This lady has hypertension and is on medication. Just amlodipine OD. Her previous BP were well controlled with monotherapy. However, today her BP was sky high...170/100. On further questioning..

"Makcik dah 5 hari tak makan ubat darah tinggi"

The reason for her non compliance was mind boggling to me. The reason she why she did not take her daily medications was because....

"Makcik makan collagen. Takut la pulak tak effective makan collagen tu tambah dengan ubat darah tinggi"

I was dumbstruck. It was late afternoon and my last caffeine dose was at 8 a.m. It took me a while to register. I didn't bother to scold her as I wasn't in the mood and was rather tired. Let's recap:

For her, it is OK to not take antihypertension but it IS NOT OK for her collagen to not work!

What on earth is this collagen thing anyway? I've had patients coming to my locum clinic asking for collagen injection and vitamin C injection etc. Have these people gone mad?! Is it worth it to risk getting a stroke and myocardial infarction for beauty?

This brings me to another issue. Sometimes when doctors try to knock some sense into patients with fear, such as:

"If you don't take your meds properly you'll end up paralysed on not able to work"
"If you don't take care of your diabetic control you will end up with an amputated leg"
"Rokok is haram and you should stop smoking"

Some smart relatives will tell us off.

"Kenapa doktor takutkan mak saya! Doktor buat kerja bagi ubat sudah la"

Sigh....we are giving examples. Clear, graphic examples. With fear, they will try and control their disease. Yes, it is not the best method and this is the LAST RESORT. Of course when we tell them about HbA1C and hyperglycemia complications at micro and macroscopic level, we will also be told off because we are using to many medical jargons.

Back to this collagen non sense. I have nothing against people wanting to look beautiful with non conventional method. But please put your priorities into perspective. Do consider the complications of taking all these stuff. My wife has been pushing me to use my Clinique facial wash since we got married....and I have only used it 10 times. But my skin still looks beautiful....behind THE MASK :)

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  1. hahaha..
    what's going on in Malaysia??

  2. so what did u say to the makcik? if i were u.idk what will happen. ill explode.


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