Middle Class Doctors

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The picture being circulated
This was recently circulated in Facebook last week. It is a newspaper clip from Utusan. I don't find the contents and articles in Utusan worth reading but this article seems like a good read. Most FB-ers merely post and give hateful comments but how many FB-ers have actually read the full article? I am not trying to be a smart ass politician here but is it fair to give opinions without reading the full article and understanding it with an open mind?

Anyhow, the issue brought forward by Ab. Aziz Kaprawi was efforts being done to promote entrepreneurship among Bumiputeras. You can read the article here. Of course this topic can be looked at so many ways, especially in politics. I would like to highlight on MIDDLE CLASS here and leave the other aspects to itself.

" Middle class refers to Malays that can own Mercedes Benz, have a bungalow house and also have assets of RM 2 to 3 million"

The best thing about being a politician is you can say a whole lot of rubbish and make it sound true...sigh. According to Esther Lee of theedgemalaysia.com (a better source of information than politicians) in Middle Class Pain.

"The middle income group is defined as individuals who earn between RM 2,300 and RM 7,000. This group froms 40% of the country's workforce."

However this group is not eligible for government aid. This is the reason why you don't see doctors driving big fancy cars. Some doctors still have to resort to finding alternative sources of income such as multi-level marketing and selling insurance scheme. No matter how the public sees it, the majority of doctors are in the middle class group. We are struggling to cope with the daily cost of living as well.

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