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6:16 AM

While the whole of Malaysia wait for the 2014 Malaysian Budget next week, there is ONE component in the healthcare system that we can do without.

Klinik 1 Malaysia
Klinik 1 Malaysia is not completely useless though. I do send patients over for removing sutures, dressing and doing EOD (every other day) blood pressure monitoring. However, as a doctor at Klinik Kesihatan, I feel that we are stretching the Ministry of Health's resources to the limit. The staff, medications and funding can be put to better use at the other health facilities that are already available.

For example, the clinic where I work has very limited resources. Its only October and my clinic is out of saline eye drops, bromhexene, some anti hypertensives and I can't do liver function tests anymore. Currently I am part of a medical team that goes around to communities without access to medical care. The transport that I use to go around the villages is in a very deplorable condition. Its a Toyota Hiace from the 1970s. We had to borrow it from another district. It leaks petrol and can break down anytime. Each day on the visits starts with a very light breakfast and maxolon 10 mg to avoid myself from vomiting.

You get the picture right? Instead of spending money buying new shop lots, furbishing the lots and taking valuable Assistant Medical Officers (MA, dressar or whatever you call them) to work at Klinik Satu Malaysia. Why not use those funds and staff to better equip the various clinics, hospitals and Klinik Desa around Malaysia. MAs in clinic can dramatically reduce waiting hours for patients in clinic.

Furthermore, there are a lot of limitations of Klinik 1 Malaysia.
1. No M.C. (...or else it will be Klinic MC 1 Malaysia)
2. No antibiotics, no medications for chronic illnesses
3. Any cases other that simple URTI will be referred to the nearest clinic

Klinik 1 Malaysia may have a role in the future. With the uncertain economy and the governments efforts to improve our GDP and national debt, funds are better utilized elsewhere. Political mileage should not interfere with proper utilization of government funds. Until Malaysia can manage resources better and be rid of corruption, money is better spent on improving the system.

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