Festive Season

8:10 AM

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my Muslim readers. In my previous post ( M.C. ), I predicted an M.C. Mega Sale to happen on 14th October 2013, the day before Hari Raya Aidiladha. However I was unable prove whether I was correct or not. I was on duty in an Orang Asli village....I didn't bring my M.C. book along. Tomorrow (Wednesday, 16th October) wouldn't be a good day to work as well. On top of the regular M.C. seekers, there will be Makciks and Pakciks who ate too much lemang, ketupat, rendang and all sorts of meat. Not to mention the free flow of soft drinks served at open houses. Fortunately, the holiday wasn't as long as Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Patients tend to peram (??marinated...pardon my translation) their illnesses. Orthopaedics and medical wards will be full on the day after a long festive season. Diabetic foot ulcers will be peram kau kau. The smell is awesome!

You can only understand it if you are a 90's kid

"Dah berapa lama ada luka kat kaki ni pakcik?"
"Baru je........baru SEMINGGU"

"Gula tak terkawal ni pakcik. Ubat makan?"
"Biasa la doktor, raya ni makan manis lebih sikit"

Those are the regular excuses patients give the day after a major festive season. So, be prepared for work tomorrow guys. Be prepared to refer cases.


I am on leave tomorrow though :)

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  1. festives season including the neverending 'musim buah'.
    not once i've encountered patients with uncontrolled DM, when asked did they comply to the meds, answered " makcik makan durian, takut mabuk kalau makan ubat.."...speechless..


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