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According to Wikipedia, confidentiality is 

"Confidentiality is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information."

In the world of social media, whatsapp and mobile phones with cameras, keeping things confidential can be really difficult. What is worse is the value of keeping things confidential is fast deteriorating. I am referring to a recent case of a recent case where pictures of 8 underage boys accused of raping a girl went online.

Today, the families of the suspects want to file a lawsuit against those who spread the picture.

Keluarga 8 Suspek Rogol Kanak-kanak 12 Tahun Mahu Saman

Maybe the one who first spread the pictures of the kids in social media wants justice for the raped girl. However, who is upholding justice for the eight boys? Where has "Innocent until proven otherwise" gone? We are dealing with kids here. They are under aged and by right their pictures were never meant to be published. Adults might be dealt with differently though but they are still innocent until proven otherwise. These kids might not even know what they are doing. Some might be quick to blame the family members for not bringing up the kids properly. As a community, we all share part of the blame.

Through my short career at Emergency Department I have seen a lot of mind boggling police reports of 'rape' cases. It's mind boggling how the circumstances can occur. Almost 70% will have a story like this (the "feeling" is better in Bahasa Malaysia)

Pada pukul 2 pagi saya telah berjumpa dengan kenalan yang bernama XXX yang saya kenali di Facebook. Dia telah mengajak saya menumpang motosikal plate ABC 123. Dia telah membawa saya masuk ke rumah sewa yang tidak bernombor. Dia mengajak saya masuk dan telah membuka baju saya dan telah merogol saya. Pada pagi tadi jam 8 dia telah tinggalkan saya di tepi jalan. Sekian laporan saya.


The question is
1. What on Earth are you doing at 2 a.m with a person you JUST met on Facebook?!
2.....tumpang naik motor at 2 am?!
3. Middle of the night, empty house....should have raised some alarm in your head!
4. No fight or attempt to resist? (no bruises or torn clothes)

Where am I at now? Banyak sangat membebel ni...

Back to the topic of confidentiality. This was a police case and it involved under aged boys. They have yet to understand the implications of their actions. I also don't understand why people like to post pictures of horrific accidents. Imagine your family members in those pictures. Would you like the public to see your relatives in a horrific state. The recent sharing of the body of a national cyclist was disturbing. I wasn't disturbed by the state of the body (I have seen worst in ED) but I was disturbed by the LACK of SENSITIVITY. The lack of RESPECT for the grieving families.

Please, if you share something, try to think of its effect to the families. Try and put yourself in their shoes. THINK

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