There's A Storm Coming Mr Wayne

7:43 AM

I guess I have to postpone my intention to get myself a proper Bane mask for USD 99 on ebay. The price of petrol has gone up by 20 cents to RM 2.10. Soon, everything else will get more expensive. I can't afford any luxuries such as a decent Bane mask. I'll just have to make do with my crappy do-it-yourself mask. Maybe I'll become MO Frust Menonggeng.

I'm sure everyone else in the social network and media has TONNES to complain about. I'll view it from a different approach; what's coming!

I am a doctor by profession but I also have interest in property. I am still a beginner in this field and have very limited knowledge to share. There are four seasons in property market; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The seasons are related to the rise and fall of the property market. Its not seen in terms of months but years. The last few years were "summer days". This year, the market looked a bit cold. Bank Negara Malaysia has put forward multiple measures to curb speculations on property prices such as banning of DIBS and maximum loan tenure of 35 years.

This may indicate that winter is coming. With the weak value of the Ringgit and the increase of petrol price, more people will be desperate for cash. Thus, there will be more desperate property sellers. "Winter" does not fare well for people looking for a quick buck such as flippers (buying an under construction property at a discounted price, hoping to get a quick profit by selling the property at an inflated price once it is completed).

This is the time for those with cash to get property at below market value as prices may dip, especially sub sale property (second hand). Government servants should take this opportunity. STOP complaining, it is time to do something about your future.

These are all my views. Please comment or "tegur" me if there are any errors. Credit to and for the attached contents. I will be happy to receive any a proper Bane mask in my mail from any rich fellas out there :)

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