MC Seekers Exposed

6:52 AM

I encountered this scenario while at work yesterday.
A young lady entered the consultation room. Wearing makeup, perfume and dressed to kill!

Me:     Apa masalah harini Dik?
A:        Saya nak MC harini
Me:        Apa?!
A:        Oops. Saya ingat doktor tanya apa tadi. 
Me:        Pastu? Awak ingat saya tanya apa?!
A:        Saya ada selesema, hidung sumbat sampai tak leh tidor bla,bla,bla….susah nak bangun                      tidur.bla,bla.

You don’t have to be a doctor with years of experience to know that she is trying to ‘kencing’ (local slang for a 'bluff') me.
Would any sane person give an MC for runny nose? The last time I checked, I didn’t have an ‘S’ on my forehead…not Superman but stupid. It didn’t help that it was 11 am and there were many other patients. Worse, my perut tengah meragam and had to visit the loo more than 4 times.

Would YOU, my dear readers, have granted MC for this girl?
This is a straight ‘face palm-super-fail’.

I have a habit of taking a peek at the waiting area to see how many patients are around. In the process, I can screen the potential MC seekers. These are the top methods MC seekers use to fool doctors:

1.  Cough non-stop while in the consultation room (I can detect a fake cough anytime!). They will kantoi when you say
“Tadi dekat luar tak batuk pun”
The look on their faces is priceless. Then, get ready to listen to ridiculous excuses such as “itu semalam, batuk sampai tak boleh tidur, harini OK skit”

2.  Severe pain on examination. No point tenderness, no guarding, vital signs stable. When asked, the pain score is 10/10 but you just saw them giggling outside, laughing on the phone. This picture says a thousand words.

3.   Complains of fever but no documented fever. When doctors plan to take blood investigations…..”Tak Nak! Saya takut jarum……”

4.   This last one is the worse. Give 101 symptoms. The poor doctor will order everything under the sun. Do all sort of blood tests and imaging. Spend hours on a single patient. When everything turns out normal…..”Sebenarnya saya nak MC je hari ini doctor”. Sangat panas!!!!!!

How I feel when patients give stupid reasons!....SUPER SAYYA!!!
Doctors are not KEDEKUT of handing out MCs. If there is an appropriate indication for MCs, we will not hesitate to give. There are legal, financial and social implications if MCs are given out too easily.

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  1. Panas indeed. But after some years, I just have to give up (or else boleh sakit jiwa dibuatnya), when they tell me all about their supposedly terrible coughs, all sorts of aches & pains, etc, I just leave it to God. Lying is sinful. May God have mercy on them!

  2. Well said doc! If I were you, I will very panas too! If my doctor give me MC I will accept it, if not, I would not bother to get MC from him. If I can still drag myself to clinic, then I am able to drive myself to work.

  3. Salam. Just wanna share with ur no 4 :)


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