Government Servant Versus Public Slave

9:00 AM

This post is a response to a comment by one of the readers in "In The News"

"Whether you guys (doctors) like it or not, you are public servants. So stop picking on the patient and continue to do your work....."

First of all, let it be known that I did NOT start this blog to disrespect or talk bad about people. This blog is purely to vent out my frustrations as a medical officer. I have met some colleagues who have read this blog and agree about the contents. They feel the same frustrations but they were not able to put into words. Furthermore, I wanted the general public to have some understanding about how the medical system work. I was compelled to write on my work experiences as I see so many good achievers wanting to do medicine when they have no idea what they are getting into.

Government servants are being seen as  useless, lazy people squeezing tax payer's money. They are treated literally as SLAVES. When the government announces a rise in salary or bonuses for government servants, others will be quick to say that it is too much and they don't deserve it. This affects all government servants. I can only represent the medical staff, be it nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists and doctors.....WE JUST WANT TO BE TREATED AS A HUMAN BEING.

I'd like to share this blog post from Maria-Syamsi, What The Public Does Not Know. Its beautifully written. It is the essence of how most medical staff feel today.

It is easy for patients and their relatives to scold night shift staff

"Dah tahu kerja malam tu tidur la waktu siang"

But they fail to see that the nurses, MAs and doctors are mothers and fathers as well. Most nurses are females. Don't you think they have kids and husbands to take care of? If you expect the same level of alertness at 1 AM, try it yourself then. However, this is still no reason for sloppy work.

Yes, we are getting paid to do our job. But it is not really about the money. We don't need your respect. We don't want your money. We just want to be treated as HUMANS.

I had a conversation with my colleague recently

Me: You don't have any bonds. You're not making much here and people treat you like garbage. Why do you still want to stay?

Dr A: These people need help. Some of them can't get proper healthcare. I can leave and get better pay anytime. But someone needs to care for these patients. 

We need more doctors like Dr A. Most doctors wouldn't mind giving the best for patients. But when you get treated like garbage, the niat murni will wear off.

If medical staff want to take care of patients, why can't patients CARE for what we feel?

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  1. Hi MO Frust,

    Great entry. Membuka mata. I was sort of faham your feeling cos there is someone very close to me used to worked as a medical doctor in and then pindah private without even habiskan the leftover years need to serve in the and end up have to pay back the scholarship (dia lebih rela). Guess xtahan anymore? hahah

    I hope you could enlighten me with something about the doctors grade in Malaysia. Cos currently I'm doing a final year project on brain drain and targeting those working in health sector (medical doctors). Don't know that we have so many kinds of doctors's grade (i mean in term of like MO, junior doctors, senior doc, etc etc). Cos I'm searching for a suitable group of respondent.

    Is it like this kind of thing? Though I don't really understand it

    Your help will be much appreciated. There aren't much things I could get from the internet if I would like to have a Malaysian context information. The MoH website is not that updated and don't have that much information. Even the state one. The doctor I mentioned above seems to be very busy these few months that I wish not to bother dia (like u said. kerja private pon sama jugak busy apa semua tu, hutang sana sini ttp ada. mana ada semua doktor kayaaaa). For sure you'll be very busy by considering that you're working in Anyway, I hope you could find some time to answers my questions. And please pardon my bad English.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Nur Zatil, sometimes, when you are pushed too just lose hope and stop the service. This is the plight of a lot of medical staff...and most don't have a choice other than just work, work, work. I have found a Pekeliling Perkhidmatan from JPA dated 2007 with the various grades of officers. I can forward it to you. Just fill up the CONTACT YOUR MOFRUST form on the right and I will try and get to you.
    But basically its HO-->MO-->registrar-->Specialist-->Consultant

  3. hmm...the one who talk bad maybe because they don't have any relative working in gov sector especially the most critical areas....and pardon me gov workers also pay tax (maybe they are unaware)....well...true enough....if the complaints keep on coming...maybe there will be more brain drain to private best as we could....we would like to serve the most needy one....with our best capability.....(in my humble opinion0

    1. I agree with you. sometimes we have to work with limited resources. katil tak cukup, monitor tak cukup. try and compare ambulances at big towns like KL and the ones in Gerik or Kuala Kangsar

  4. hi. im a gov servants well. but i choose private hospitals as compared to gov.

    dont judge me. let me explain the reasons y.

    1. i believe that there are others whom uncappable of paying for higly charged medical advise at private hospital, yet they need them badly. so for those who have extra money or medical insurance, they should seeks treament at private instead of going flocking the gov hospitals. give room for those poor n needy. they mighthv serious condition than u.

    2. when i am sick, i believe in getting the best attention/care possible. and i am well aware that doctors n nurses in gov hospitals are overwhelmed by so many patients, hence the right choice will be private hospitals. health care is their business, the source of income. hence u could ask for 'macam2'. i could not imagine mysef as those who ask for 'macam2' at gov hospitals, as i believe there are so many person that are sicker than me that require their attention.

    the bottom line here is the ptient himself.

    i always see patient in gov hospitals, driving luxury cars, holding branded handbag, but refuse to get treatment at private hospitals. if they could afford all that, they might as well afford the medical bills. dont burden the doctors
    at gov hospital. give room to the most needy ones.

    just my 2cents

    1. You are a kind soul. More citizens should by like you :) The trouble in Malaysia is the "THE GOVERNMENT OWES ME EVERYTHING" mindset


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