Comment: Sometimes Doctors Suck

5:58 AM

This morning I received a notification regarding a comment from a reader in Specialoid: When Patients Become Specialist. It has since been deleted by the author (NOT me). I assume the reader's Google account was hijacked thus posting a slightly provocative comment (...membuatkan diri ku ini terasa T_T).

Sometimes alternative medicine do work. Sometimes doctors suck. Lain la kalau specialist, leh caya gak. I always doubt doctor's diagnosis anyway.

Gulp, it was a bit hard to swallow! After a while I said to myself

Good riddance, one less patient to see!

But then again, I am a doctor. I am supposed to treat without prejudice! Even if others step on my head or spit on me, I will have to uphold my profession! This is exactly why there are so many doctors resign to look for greener pastures. Sigh....

Alternative Medicine

I do agree that there is value in alternative medicine to treat common ailments. Supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil and Omega 3 fatty acids have a proven track record. Acupuncture has also been used to provide pain relief and rehabilitation of patients with chronic pain. There are various studies done to prove its effectiveness. The problem with most alternative medicine therapy in Malaysia is that there are inadequate studies done to prove its effectiveness. For most people, it is enough to convince them by saying "a friend of a friend of his datok nenek etc...tried it and it works!"

An example of this datok nenek story is the recent fad of Detox Kaki. Some will swear by its effectiveness. Just put your feet in a water with some electrodes and you will be detoxified. It can be explained by two words....PLACEBO and ELECTROLYSIS. Just Google "placebo".....a simulated or otherwise medically INEFFECTUAL treatment for a disease intended to deceive the recipient. Meanwhile, electrolysis is a bit more difficult to explain....that's why you have to pay intention in KIMIA (Chemistry)!

Doctors Suck...Nak Specialist

I don't know what's going on in the world today. The public has lost trust in doctors. There is no doctor-patient relationship. Maybe this lady had a very bad experience with a doctor to lately to come out with that statement. This is a worrying trend. The lay person would trust a person with no credentials at all rather than a person with at least MBBS or MD. I have encountered so many patients like this.

Doktor, kawan saya cakap kalau dah start ubat darah tinggi tak boleh berhenti. Tak nak start la.

They don't want to take medications daily but would rather live their lives daily with BP of 250/150 and CBS of 21. A ticking time bomb...any second can be a disastrous intracranial bleed or myocardial infarction.

Another irritating and rude trend with some patients is SAYA MAHU JUMPA 2 am in the morning. Specialists aren't always around. They attend to cases that MOs can't manage. There is usually only one specialist covering the whole department at night. Imagine if ALL patients want to be seen by specialists. I would love to suggest patients to go to a private health center. In private hospitals, the specialist will do HO, MO and sometimes nurses work. But be prepared to pay a hefty sum.

Anyways, if you do think doctors suck, don't waste our time. If you can't commit to giving us details of your condition such as past medical history, allergies and promiscuous history...please don't come. That old lady waiting in line behind you might have an emergency condition. Time can be better spent treating needful and thankful patients. Maybe she can TRUST our diagnosis!

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  1. I also don't know what's going on in the world today... Somehow this everybody-lies-so-do-not-trust-virus seems to replicate and spreading worldwide. Sigh...

  2. Well said, dr. Just ignore what other people said.

    1. ada jugak orang yang sokong kami yang tak seberapa ni... :)

  3. wow.. well said. boleh x sy link artikel ni dlm blog sy??? i'm a medical student. this article enlighten me.. :) this is my blog.

    1. it would be my pleasure akoxix. I wish the best in your studies :)

  4. Should there be another persuasive post you can share next time, I’ll be surely waiting for it. family practice doctor Phoenix


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