CHEFfrust: Cheapo Chicken Lunch

6:34 AM

Today, I will don a new outfit. Off goes the white coat and stethoscope and I have a pan in my hand. Instead of MOfrust, today its CHEFfrust.

What do you do when you are hungry at lunch and you are left with a car that is half filled with petrol (or half full), its raining outside and you have to get to work at 1.30 p..m. I posted yesterday about the need to reduce spending. I am now walking the blog!

What do you need? Anything that can be found at home. I found some chicken breast in the freezer, some spices in the spice jar, some pita bread, carrot,2 tomatoes and a capsicum. Equipped with a contraption called Periuk Ajaib (I really needed miracles to make sure it tastes good), I started cooking.

Chicken breasts at RM 1.14 per gram

Capsicum (2 for RM 3) and tomatoes ( 4 for RM 2)

Some spices

Fish: Miracle Pot!
The whole meal costs less than RM 10 for two people.
1. 2 Tomatoes - RM 1
2. 1 Capsicum - RM 1.50
3. 200 g Chicken Breast - RM 2
4. Carrot - not sure how much
5. Spices and salt - not sure how much
6. Olive oil - RM 8 per bottle, only used 1/100th of oil
7. Thousand Island Dressing - RM 12 per bottle - only used 1/20th
7. Pita bread - RM 1 for 2
8. Gas - not sure how much, changed it last year
9. Periuk Ajaib - fell from the sky

First, just chop the chicken breast into small pieces. Put it in a bowl and add a pinch of salt, some parsley, coriander seeds, black pepper and a generous amount of paprika. Add a table spoon of olive oil and mix them up with your hands.
Then, dice up the tomatoes and capsicum. Grate a piece of carrot. Mix the vegetables with a generous amount of Thousand Island dressing secukup rasa.
Now just saute the marinated chicken in a pan for a few minutes on medium heat. Next, heat up the pit bread on the pan. Then voila, CHEAPO CHICKEN LUNCH is served.

Its simple, cheap and healthy. All prepared in less than 10 minutes....take that Jamie Oliver, I don't have 15 minutes!

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