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A few months back a junior MA (PPW) asked me:

"Doctor, ape k/c/o DM/Htn/IHD/COAD, p/w SOB?"

Its - known case of Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, ischemic heart disease and chronic obstructive airway disease presented with shortness of wouldn't expect a doctor to write that in full!

So, what is PTPTN and CCRIS. The latter is a relatively new term for me. I only got to know of it in January after attending a workshop. PTPTN is Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Nasional while CCRIS is Central Credit Reference Information System. So what??

"PTPTN loan holders now listed in Bank Negara's credit reference database"

This is what. In today's news, PTPTN defaulters will be listed in the CCRIS database. I have yet to fully understand how this will be implemented, i.e. whether all PTPTN applicants will be listed or not.

Still what's the big issue?

For most medical undergraduates, funding comes from 4 main sources: JPA, MARA, PTPTN and PaMa. The BEST scholarships will be from PaMa (read: rich parents). The next best will be MARA. JPA scholars will have to bond with the government for 10 years. For others who wish to be free from the clutches of Lord Sith PTPTN is the next best thing. Previously, you just have to make sure that you pay your dues to PTPTN and it all be over.

Once you become a HO and get the 3 months back dated salary, of course a typical guy would want to get a flashy car. To get a car, obviously a bank loan is necessary. "Kamon la, takkan la doktor pakai Proton Saga lama kot"....which I did (my parent's car), with no regrets. CCRIS is very important when applying for loans.

This is how a CCRIS report looks like. You can get one by going to Bank Negara Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur and use one of the Do It Yourself machines. Just bring along a valid MyKad. It shows all your loans and its history. If you have a loan that you did not pay (defaulted) there will be a scar on it. When you have a scar in your CCRIS, banks will think 4 times before approving a loan.

I am sure many of my dear readers won't default on any loans....dah hutang bayar la kan :) What I fear is it will affect your Debt Burden Ration.

An example:

Net income: RM 3600
Car installment: RM 1000 (kereta besar la katakan, apa barang kereta 2nd hand)
PTPTN installment: RM 500
Personal loan: RM 1000 (nak kawin, kene wedding grand!)

Thus, DBR = 1000 + 500 + 1000 / 3600
                  = 2500 / 3600
                  = 69% (to my fellow classmates and mentor, please correct me if I am wrong)

Your debt is 69% of your income. To apply for a loan, 70% is the maximum DBR limit for a loan to be approved.

So, you have a job, a wife and a nice car. What about a house? Investment in property is still the best. You can work all life long, but bear in mind, your EPF will not be able to sustain your life in the near future.

KIDS! Make the right decision now. When I was a student, I didn't think of all this. I didn't really go through my future plans properly. I thought I will get paid handsomely. Life would be WONDERFUL. But was I wrong!

PTPTN versus JPA? Be a slave for 10 years (or pay RM 250,000) versus increased DBR? Each individual will have to answer it themselves :)

I share with you a great summary on loans from

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  1. Despite my opinions of situations in Malaysia, let us not forget what is happening in Egypt. Our brothers and sisters are fighting for the truth. Let us pray for them, as Malaysians

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