PATIENTS: Have a heart for doctors

10:14 PM

DOCTORS: Have a heart for those earning far less

With regards to the topic, this letter to the editor from NST was brought to my attention by a fellow colleague, Dr I. We both experienced the frustrations of working in Emergency Department. She has seen the green grass on the other side i.e. private care while I am still a governmant SERVANT.

While it is true, doctors in private practice CAN be rich but many are not. The example given that many are driving luxury cars & stay in guarded communities might not be true. I have done a fair share of locums & I have seen these doctors drive old Wiras. For me, I am living in a rented house for RM 450 a month driving a second hand car. Just have a walk at our staff parking lots and just count how many LUXURY vehicles there are.

This driver has a terminal illness; STUPIDITY. It can't be cured!

I think this is a case of the public barking up the wrong tree. These GPs raise the price, not because of the profit, but just wanting to stay afloat. Maybe the public can ask TNB to reduce the bills and drug companies to reduce drug costs. You can scream all you want but all these prices WILL go up. Some how, people still fail to regard DOCTORS as a human beings. We have bills and loans to pay, children to feed, we need a roof over our heads. Expecting us to sacrifice everything else is too much.

When I was a houseman, I barely get any leave. My wife and I can barely meet each other. One person would be on call and another would be doing some odd hour shift. When relatives came and paid a visit, we can barely spend time with them. I remember a time when my in laws came. They arrived at 8 p.m. I just got back from work while my wife was on call. The next day I was on call while my wife was post call. She can barely open her eyes when she got back. By noon the next day my in laws had to go back. There was barely enough time spent with family. We were miserable but we knew what we had to sacrifice to become a doctor.

After becoming an MO, things were not that good either. MOs at other departments might not be able to see the amount of stress of dealing with patients in ED (Emergency Department) (most will just tell us off for not managing properly...complain lebih, by the time dah refer we already DIAGNOSED the patients. Ehem, sorry ter-emo lak). Even when we are trying to save lives at Red Zone, relatives will just barge trough the door asking for details. I had one useless Dato' asking about his son as I was about to do a FAST scan. I already pulled the curtains. I need PRIVACY please. He barged in and said

"Ini anak saya, saya Dato' X"

I was so full anger but I had to remain professional and looked in him the eye...
"PAKCIK boleh blah!"

"PAKCIK, duduk luar kejap, saya Dr MOfrust nak buat kerja"

I couldn't bother respecting his Dato' title if he can't respect my Dr. title.

If this Dato's has so much bossiness and money, go to private hospital and please give the bed to other patients who really need my help and respect me.

Sometimes patients and their boastful relatives just drive up to the ED entrance and leave their Mercs and BMWs, blocking the entrance. When my MAs tegur about them blocking the ambulance entrance, they have the nerve to say

"Tugas awak rawat pesakit, bukan jaga kereta"

This will make anyone's blood boil. But WE have to keep quite and just smile. KAMI SEDIA MEMBANTU.

Some relatives would even hit staff at ED because their baby is crying. The baby is crying in an attempt to get a blood sample...the FIRST attempt. The father made fool of himself by screaming obscene words at the doctor. WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU! You can't expect a doctor to prick for blood without making the baby cry. If it does happen, your baby is SICK.

Let's question ourselves, WILL YOU want to deal with these nonsense and get paid a lot more or get paid a small sum. It isn't always about the money. Sometimes, you just get tired of it all.

You work like mad but when you get ONLY HALF month bonus you get criticized for wasting public funds!

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  1. Betul tu Tuan Duktur. I feel you. Keep up your great work!!

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  2. Situations in klinik kesihatan is almost the same. Patients demanded a lot for just RM1! Some even came twice a day because we didn't give MC!
    Others complained waiting tooooooo long. Biasa la its too cheap... Everybody came open house

  3. What to do.. some more with the new medical laws mean your profit for medicine is far lower than how to give good service and stay afloat??

    I know what U mean... esp from a fellow doctor who swapped profession to IT instead.
    TO SEEK, TO SERVE , TO CURE .....we are the doctors sans frontiers


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