Doctor Cekik Darah

6:50 AM

"Blood choke doctor". That's what I found when I tried to translate it in Google. I can't really find an appropriate translation in English. Cekik darah is such a strong word.

Here's my attempt at translating "doktor cekik darah"
A doctor which will try to squeeze every penny out of a patient with total disregard to the actual outcome to the patient.
Or maybe A BLOOD SUCKING MONSTER. Dah la cucuk darah banyak kali, pastu kene bayar mahal pulak tu!

In today's VIEWS section in The Star, Dr Sng Kim Hock wrote Remove the fees schedule from the Act. I have never met this doctor but he is the president of the Association of Specialists in Private Practice Malaysia. The issue of raising consultation fees has been going on for past few weeks. I am NOT a private practitioner and I have no idea how it all works out. But I do feel the pinch when the public accuses doctors of making too much money. Obviously Dr Sng is very experienced, by looking at all the examples he has stated.

Everyone has been feeling the pinch of ever increasing cost of living. The last thing we need is increased cost of healthcare. An example given by Dr Sng: the early 60s, a pair of spectacles, a pair of long pants, and a pair of shoes cost my father about RM15, for each of those items.
I also recall my mother paying RM14 for my consultation with the doctor, when I received an injection with medication.
The same pair of spectacles, pants and shoes have all increased ten-fold from RM150 upwards, but the family physician’s services has increased from RM15 to RM35 in 50 years.

Imagine that, difference of RM 20 in 50 years, while everything else has skyrocketed. My statements may be controversial and not be to everyone's liking but being in private practice is a business. Just like any other business there must be some profit to stay afloat. Why is it wrong for doctors to make a profit? It is an honest living. How much profit is up for debate. The public can't expect to give free service. Doctors also have mouths to feed at home. I went to see an ophthalmologist at a private center recently. The total cost of the treatment was slightly more than a hundred Ringgit. The bulk of the cost is for medications (not just CMC eye drops and ointments) while the consultation fee is less than a quarter of that (however, doctors do enjoy substantial discounts for consultations).
Most people visit the GPs because it is their panel clinic and because they don't want the hassle of the long ques at a public hospital. These luxuries come at a cost. It is only fair for GPs to charge for that.
The way I see it, private practitioners want to raise their fees not because they want to increase profits but because they need to stay afloat. Again, doctors are not robots who just work, work, work without the need for money. DOCTORS ARE HUMANS                                                                                                               P/S we can use one of these and set it by the roadside. Put money in and doctors can give consultations online. No need to rent a shop lot, no need to hire staff, no need to pay for bills.

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  1. if you want to say afloat, why choosing Medical School at the first place?


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  2. Hi izhar81. Why enter Medical School if you want to stay afloat? Its like asking any person on the street why are you selling stuff to make a profit?
    Are doctors doomed to just serve, serve and serve?
    As humans, doctors have needs too. I would love to travel the world, live in a nice comfortable house, drive a nice car, eat nice food, give to charity etc...and all these have one thing in common; MONEY.
    Harga minyak naik, harga eletrik naik, harga gula naik...doctors feel the pinch as well

  3. Hi MO Frust, I used to be a Medical Student but fell just inches from the finish line. For a moment, after reading the posts in your blog, I see the silver lining of things. While a few people here choose to somewhat provoke you, I admire your composure and it tell a lot about you as a person. Do keep up the great work.


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